March 25, 2023

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Five months before his real retirement: Franck Debussier should stop next week

Franck Debussier’s farewell tour is coming to an end. The VRT weather operator will retire on September 1, but will provide his last weather report at One on March 20. Deboosere prefers to leave with a silent drum, but she waves widely on radio and television.

Tom de Lore

It will come as a shock to many Flemings who for 36 years have woken up and slept with a talk about the weather from Frank Debussier. On Monday, March 20, around 7:30, he will give his latest weather forecast at One. Officially, he won’t retire until September 1, one month after his 65th birthday. But his farewell tour, as he announced last year, will end on Monday, March 20th. After that date, Debussier ceased to exist “with more weather”, neither on the One nor on a public radio radio station. The weatherman had so many days off that he locked Reyerslaan’s door five months before his 65th birthday.

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According to an insider, the weatherman would have liked to stop his ride entirely at the VRT. But Debussier had to take his days off. can not drive. Thus Franck Debussier retires at the age of 64 and VRT continues to abide by the 65 limit, as it did with journalist Michelle Wittes and political journalist Linda de Winne. Radio 2 presenter Luc Verschueren, who hosted Deboosere from 1990 to 2004 on his popular radio show Morning healsWe regret that Deboosere had to leave. “Frank is always there: mornings, evenings, weekends, vacations. I think he looks at weather maps early in the morning in his underwear. People especially listen to him, watch TV especially for him. It’s a great product. You don’t throw away a product like that.” .

The Early Years of Franck Debussier.


Franck Debussier succeeded Armand Paine in 1987. It lasted 37 years. Deboosere crashes at 36, but Armand Pien kept going until he was 70. Moreover, Bean did not appear on radio and television every day. Pien made about twenty thousand weather reports, five times Deboosere. Because he will not officially retire until September 1, he will not be seen or heard of anywhere else before that date. The weather report for our newspaper will continue, just like the weather report on his social media, where he has hundreds of thousands of followers. At VRT, Sabine Hagedoren and Bram Verbruggen are still in position and reinforcements are coming. Who will be is not yet known.

Despite his modesty, Franck Debussier prefers to close the door behind him in complete silence. The public broadcaster sees it differently and will broadcast the program on March 20 Thanks Weatherman Frank Right after the latest weather report. Through archival photos, his own words, those of fellow weathermen Sabine and Bram, former teammates Peggy De Meyer and Georg Koster, VTM mate David Dehenau, radio makers, childhood friends, Kom op tegen Kanker staff and observatory. Frank also talks about himself, and is holding key interviews until March 21st. Radio 2 will say goodbye on 18 March with a broadcast watchers of the week, for which Frank Debussier was the central guest for the first time. Deboosere did Radio 2’s weather report almost every Saturday morning for about 33 years.

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