July 21, 2024

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Flanders wants to abolish Low Emission Zones (LEZ).

Flanders wants to abolish Low Emission Zones (LEZ).

Former Flemish whistleblower Bart de Wever (N-VA) stated in his initial note that the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in Ghent and Antwerp could be abolished in the long term.

The N-VA has been preparing a memorandum of initiation for several days which should serve as a basis for negotiations regarding the formation of a new Flemish government. The business newspaper De Tijd has this preliminary note in the editorial office, and this morning in the “de 7” podcast it again addressed some of the topics contained in the document.

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For example, the preliminary memorandum suggests that low emission zones (LEZs) could be abolished in the long term, as cars increasingly become electric. There are currently low emission zones in Ghent and Antwerp in the Flemish territories. Euro 4 diesel (or worse) and Euro 1 petrol (or worse) cars are no longer allowed into these cities unless a day pass is purchased. From 2026, according to current plans, there will be a stricter approach, with Euro 5 diesels and Euro 2 petrol also banned.

The preliminary note also mentions measures relating to the renewal obligation. Anyone who currently buys a house or apartment with an EPC E tag or worse is obligated to renew it vigorously within 5 years. According to the preliminary note, there should be “no new renewal commitment, not even for heat pumps.”

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