November 29, 2023

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Flanders wants to ban new cars with combustion engines by 2029 – IT Pro – News

A climate plan for the Flemish government states that from 2029 new cars may not have combustion engines. From that year onwards, only new batteries or hydrogen electric vehicles may be sold. This is a year earlier than the Netherlands intends.

From 2029, new cars may only be sold if they are electric, He writes, among other things, de tijd. Old cars with combustion engines can still be sold and presumably still imported, but new cars sold by dealers, for example, may not have combustion engines. The sale of new hybrid cars is also prohibited.

Earlier this week Books, among others, de Morgen that the Flemish government planned to ban the sale of new cars with combustion engines by 2027. This was a proposal from Open Vld. According to this tip, research will show that from 2026, electric cars will ‘almost’ cost as much as cars equipped with combustion engines. This would remove an important objection to making electric vehicles mandatory.

However, the N-VA had reservations about the viability of 2027. That is why the Flemish government still wanted to discuss the plan; 2029 came out as the year here. This year is not a hard deadline and can be postponed. For example, if there are very few cars, batteries or charging stations, the ban will be delayed. This may also be the case if it turns out that electric cars are still more expensive than cars with a combustion engine.

The lack of charging stations can be a problem in Belgium. He. She The country now has 8006 charging stationsCompared to 64,236 charging stations in the Netherlands. in Belgium They now drive 5.9 million cars, 40,851 of which are fully electric. in the Netherlands There are 8.8 million passenger carsAnd Of which 208,564 are fully electric.

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Flanders’ goal of selling only electric cars by 2029 is relatively fast within the European Union. like him The Netherlands focuses on 2030 The European Commission wants new cars with combustion engines in the European Union Ban by 2035.