December 7, 2022

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Florian Vermeersch is smart and tough and carries Gianni Vermeersch and Thibaut Nice in Antwerp Port Epic |  Antwerp Port Epic 2022

Florian Vermeersch is smart and tough and carries Gianni Vermeersch and Thibaut Nice in Antwerp Port Epic | Antwerp Port Epic 2022

Antwerp Port epic

road racing road racingdistance: after 182 how much
your location 12:30 pm: Antwerp – 5.05 pm: Antwerp
booty Florian Vermeersch


Florian Vermeersch forged the Antwerp port saga according to his will. The Lotto-Soudal rider broke away from a leading group of 6 riders in the exciting final stage. Gianni Vermeersch and Thibaut Ness collided right behind the net.

  1. 5 p.m. 06. Florian Vermeersch jumps to lock and wins Antwerp Port Epic.

    Florian Vermeersch jumps far into the lock and wins the Antwerp Port Epic

  2. 5 p.m. Gianni Vermeersch and Thibaut Ness finish second and third on the podium. †
  3. 5 p.m. Florian Vermeersch wins! Florian Vermeersch cheers for Lotto Soudal. The second Paris-Roubaix last year is the strongest and brightest in the group leader and gets important points for his team. †
  4. 17h 04. Gianni Vermeersch now leaves Thibaut Ness behind and does everything in his power to drive his car to his name. †
  5. last kilometer. It looks like Florian Vermeersch is on his way to victory. † 17 h 03.
  6. 17h 02. Florian Vermeersch moves in time, Gianni Vermeersch and Thibault Ness look at each other for a long time. Did the bird fly? †
  7. 17 hours. What an exciting finale. †
  8. 17 hours. They are not allowed to go all the way to the end with Thibault Ness. Co-commentator Sven Ness.
  9. 4 p.m. 59. Nice rides Gianni Vermeersch’s wheel and comes to a sudden stop. So the others came back. †
  10. 16 hours 59. It seems that Gianni Vermeersch has chosen the right moment for a new attack. Thibau Nys seems to be staying for a while, but he’s driving there anyway. & nbsp; †
  11. 4 p.m. 58. Play with fire here. Co-commentator Sven Ness.
  12. 4 p.m. 57. It’s become a game of poker. Staring at each other in white, who has the best poker face and pulls the longest straw? †
  13. 4 pm 56. Alpecin-Phoenix plays the game perfectly and is next to attack. Florian Vermeersch doesn’t want to take the chestnuts out of the fire now, but Betty is now bridging the gap. †
  14. 4 p.m. 55. Florian Vermeersch makes an impression. With Timo Kielich at the wheel, Gianni Vermeersch once again takes courage. Adrien Pettit sees it happen with a smile. †
  15. 16 hours 53. Gianni Vermeersch attack. Entering the port of Antwerp, Gianni Vermeersch accelerates from the last position. Can the 2020 winner ride solo to the finish? †
  16. 4 p.m. 51 Timo Kielich throws the racket into the chicken coop on the last unpaved stretch. Thibau Nys senses the danger and quickly closes the gap, and the others join in too. †
  17. 16.50 Thibaut Ness and Gianni Vermeersch still had plenty of time to have an intense conversation in the back of the leading group. What will they cook? Jane Renders do not trust him and eavesdrop. †
  18. 16.50 Gianni Vermeersch and Timo Kelish together make up the only couple in the leading group. Can Alpecin-Fenix ​​take advantage of this advantage? †
  19. 16 hours 44. I don’t think this group will make it to the end in this configuration. Co-commentator Sven Ness.
  20. 16.42 The six refugees began in the uneven strip of Blokweig. Does a frontrunner feel itchy legs? †
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