January 28, 2023

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Flu epidemic in the Netherlands, but why are we so late?

Flu epidemic in the Netherlands, but why are we so late?

An influenza pandemic has been officially established in the Netherlands. Usually such an epidemic occurs much earlier. Why did this only happen in March this time?

influenza pandemic

The influenza epidemic spreads in our country almost every year. We are talking about an epidemic If x number of people visit their GP at least two weeks in a row with flu-like complaints and the influenza virus is found in at least 10 percent of them. In the Netherlands, the knowledge organization Neville is affiliated with How many cases of influenza are there?

Corona measurements

A flu epidemic often begins in December or January, but in 2022 it won’t be until March. Of course, the cause of this cannot be determined with 100% certainty, but everything indicates that corona measures have slowed the spread of influenza. Since the start of the “normal” flu season in 2021, the influenza virus has only been found very rarely in the Netherlands. Perhaps this is due to corona measures. They also worked against the spread of the influenza virus. Now that the procedures have been relaxed, people are more connected to others. This also increases the risk of catching a respiratory infection such as the flu RIVM on its website. Nivel also mentions this as a reason on his site.

Corona measures are also likely to be the cause of the influenza pandemic in the 2020-2021 season It was completely out. Although there is an epidemic now, the numbers don’t seem to have crossed the ceiling at the moment. According to the RIVM, there were fewer people infected with influenza during this pandemic than during influenza epidemics in the pre-corona era.

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Flu or corona?

Although there is a new influenza pandemic, of course the coronavirus is still around. Symptoms that can appear after infection with corona are comparable to those of the flu, according to Max General Practitioner Ted van Essen. “The complaints are the same and so are the risks of complications. As with the coronavirus, the flu shot does not guarantee that you won’t get the flu. If you get a fever and a cold and have to cough, of course you should rule out corona first with a test in the GGD. If it’s negative, don’t You need to be in isolation, but you could catch the flu.”
According to Dr. Ted, even with the flu, it’s important not to come into contact with people who fall into the high-risk groups, because you could infect them. “At-risk groups” include, for example, the elderly and people with lung, heart or kidney problems or diabetes.

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(Source: RIVM, Nivel, Doctor ted van Essen, Nu.nl, archive. Photo: Shutterstock)