November 29, 2022

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Food Agency warns of Kinder candy in different packages after Salmonella infection (Arlon)

Food Agency warns of Kinder candy in different packages after Salmonella infection (Arlon)

The Ferrero plant in Arlon was already closed at the beginning of April and is still at a standstill© Het Nieuwsblad

The Federal Food Agency (FAVV) is again urging consumers on Friday to keep an eye on products from chocolate maker Ferrero, including some Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs in which salmonella has been found.

The reason for the new warning is that, according to the manufacturer Ferrero, sometimes small quantities of the so-called Kinder Shokobons arrive in our country from abroad. Since they have a different format, this can confuse consumers. But also, these Shokobons may not be consumed until further notice, FASFC confirms.

Kinder Schokobons and Kinder Happy Moments – of all sizes – were pulled from the market on April 8, after salmonella contamination affected people across Europe.

As a result of pollution, the Ferrero chocolate factory in Arlon is still closed. “The administration is currently working on a restart plan that they will have to submit to the Food Agency. If the plan is approved, the plant can reopen,” said Sylvian Arnold of the Christian Union.

According to what was agreed ten days ago, the salaries of factory employees will be paid until May 8. It is not yet clear what will happen next, if production is not resumed, according to the union women. On May 2, trade unions and management will meet again. The factory employs between 500 and 1,000 people depending on the season. (work)

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