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Football discussion.  Benteke scores against Arsenal – Anderlecht loses Licensing several months ago with a serious knee injury |  football

Football discussion. Benteke scores against Arsenal – Anderlecht loses Licensing several months ago with a serious knee injury | football

Benteke scores against Arsenal

Christian Benteke scored his first goal of the season. And the striker made Crystal Palace 1-1 against Arsenal five minutes after the end of the first half, who advanced in the first half through Aubameyang. Palace seemed to be going stunt for a long time, after Edward 1-2 fifteen minutes before the end of the match. But in overtime, Lacazette tied. Arsenal is only 12th in the Premier League, while Crystal Palace is 14th.

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Anderlecht Lissens has been missing for a few months due to a serious knee injury

Anderlecht cannot count on defender Lucas Lessens in the coming months. Purple and White announced this on their website on Monday. The twenty-year-old Lisnis suffered a serious knee injury during training last Friday.

The defender made his debut for Anderlecht’s first team in December last year. In the end, he played four official matches last season. This season he hasn’t cut any minutes in Vincent Kompany’s squad.

With Brussels promises, Captain Theo Leoni is sidelined for a few weeks after having an appendix surgery. The 21-year-old midfielder has yet to make his debut with the Purple & White main team.

Lucas Licensing.

Lucas Licensing. © Photo News

KV Mechelen condemns the behavior of supporters

KV Mechelen condemns the behavior of some fans on Sunday evening during the match in Berchot. A firecracker exploded in the branch causing damage to the hearing of many fans. “This behavior is inappropriate. KV Mechelen is a family club and prides itself on the diversity of its audience, as young people, children and women come in droves to watch the matches,” says Malinoa. Exploding such loud fireworks shows little respect for fellow supporters. The security services have done all the necessary work, and the club will punish the perpetrator severely.”

The Malinois supporters’ body also strongly condemns this behaviour: “This is not part of the wonderful support our supporters are providing at home and abroad. We condemn this behaviour, many supporters have hearing damage, and this is really not possible”, says Chairman Hans Hans. Decker.

Gunther van Handenhoven is the new assistant to Karim Belhoussine

Gunther van Handenhoven is the new assistant to Karim Belhoucine. KVK’s T1 found his right hand. Van Handenhoven will join the cast of Bart Mert, Patrick Deemann, Thomas Adams and Gilmer Plateau. Luca Elsner has transferred Serge Costa’s assistant and physical coach Leo Djaoui to Standard. Van Handenhoven is a former professional footballer who was a team manager at RSC Anderlecht from 2012 to 2019. He has been active in recent years as a live correspondent for Eleven Sports. 42-year-old Van Handenhoven was already in training today. Follow Favorite

Fayez Soleimani three years longer at KV Kortrijk

Powerful defending champion Fayez Soleimani has signed a new contract with KV Kortrijk. El Kemary extended his contract until June 2025. Soleimani has already scored six times this season and has already provided assists. He is by far the most important player in the Guys team. The 28-year-old winger arrived in Groening on August 19, 2019. He broke his contract with Al Ittihad which caused a lot of controversy. As a result, Soleimani was forced to pay compensation in excess of 500 thousand euros, in addition to interest. Follow Favorite

842 thousand euros profit Isefi

Zulte Waregem’s annual accounts have been published. The merger club recorded a profit of 842,560.81 euros. The people at Gaverbeek are very satisfied with this, as it has been a tough year for Corona. You can hear in the hallways that the numbers are due to the efforts of strongman Tony Beausert, whose CEO Eddie Cordier has helped him with day-to-day operations. In November last year, a loss of 7.3 million euros was recorded. Zulte Waregem must remain cautious: financially, not all worries are gone. (PJC)

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