December 6, 2023

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Football discussion. Umtiti undergoes foot surgery - Vissel Kobe wants to make a statue of Iniesta | football

Football discussion. Umtiti undergoes foot surgery – Vissel Kobe wants to make a statue of Iniesta | football

Perez extends his contract with the club

In Brugge, Daniel Perez extended his contract until 2026. The Venezuelan striker, who celebrates his twentieth birthday today, has been playing football for Blue and Black since January 2021. Last season he participated regularly, but this season he will have fewer chances in the first team. He appeared only three times in the Jupiler Pro League.

Disciplinary Committee summons Jonas Bagger (Al-Ittihad) after red card at Seraing

Union leader Jonas Beijer will appear before the Belgian Football Association (RBFA) disciplinary committee directly without the public prosecutor suggesting a penalty. The Football Association announced this on Monday.

Biger was sent off early in the game (13 minutes) during Saturday’s match in Siring for a foul on Mikutadze, who advanced towards the goal. It wasn’t a bold foul, but with his mistake Biger denied the opponent the opportunity to score, which resulted in him receiving a red card.

The Danish defender had a one match suspended ban for a similar offense against KRC Genk on 12 September. This conditional suspension now begins with this new ban, and the union player will therefore have to serve this match suspension, in addition to the possible penalty for a red card at Syring.

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The Al-Ittihad match in Seraing was suspended at half-time due to fog. The second half will take place on Tuesday, with a score of 0-2 in favor of Al-Ittihad, who should continue with ten.

Jonas Bagger.

Jonas Bagger. © Belgium

Umtiti undergoes foot surgery

Samuel Umtiti will have surgery on his right foot on Tuesday. His club Barcelona announced this. The 28-year-old Frenchman suffered a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone. The defender was injured during a training match on Monday.

Umtiti recently signed a new contract with FC Barcelona until mid-2026. He agreed to a significant salary cut, which allowed the club to sign the new signing Ferran Torres. Umtiti hasn’t been a regular FC Barcelona player for years. He appeared in only one game this season.


© AP

Vissel Kobe wants to build a statue of Iniesta with crowdfunding

Vissel Kobe, Japan’s largest economic club, has launched an online fundraising campaign to fund a statue honoring its star Andres Iniesta. Kobe hopes to raise 15 million yen (115 thousand euros) to buy a bronze statue of the 37-year-old Spanish midfielder. It should be in front of the stadium.

Iniesta moved from FC Barcelona to Vissel Kobe in 2018. The Japanese club is owned by billionaire Hiroshi Mikitani. Iniesta will earn about thirty million dollars annually. He recently extended his contract for another two years. The midfielder is very popular in Japan and is said to have earned the club around $100 million in tickets and sales. Vissel Kobe is also the former club of Thomas Vermaelen. The Red Devil left the club in December.

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