December 8, 2023

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For an hour we entertained Frocky who took turns jumping unhindered onto the main platform with noisy goosebumps ★★★★ ☆

For an hour we entertained Frocky who took turns jumping unhindered onto the main platform with noisy goosebumps ★★★★ ☆

But make no mistake: she might appear on stage in a shirt and tie, but every dance move, every note, and every infectious smile was a stamp against the seemingly still patriarchy of Rock Werchter.

We should not thank the Schueremans, but Nathaniel Ratliff for getting on our bare knees for passing Froukje. Along with Night Sweats, he cancels his entire tour, so the Dutch woman is hastily called to install her old student room on the main stage. From her lazy armchair she blasted off with the groovy, climate anthem “Bigger Than Me”: “The world is on fire / And I’d like to put it out / But the fire is bigger than me.” Quickly put our disposable cup in the back pocket – does anyone know how to get a beer out of jeans? – The enjoyment that will not stop for an hour has begun.

Froukje is surrounded by four young men, but above all great musicians, who take turns jumping unhindered with goosebumps. At the right moments, we move from the hideous Werchter stage to the safety and above all of your loneliness—just cram it in, and we’ll get along with it—kot, “as you put it in Belgium.” For example, “Light and Dark” also seems to compete directly for the title of most beautiful lyrics in the Dutch language, but “Without a Face” and the new single “To the Light” not only belong on stage, but deserve at least. The largest area in a lattice array.

The spectators were not as numerous as they should have been at the start, the fact that the gates of heaven closed with difficulty has a lot to do with that, but throughout the show the unbelievers on the field also became convinced of Dutch talent. The audience slowly but surely got to Zwangere Guy proportions, after which Froukje blew up the meadow with a finger-licking version of “A Man Never Cries Again.”

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Infectious hits followed one another in quick succession: “No More Regrets” shocked, “If I Were God” with a “Nothing in Between” sound was the first to hit the entire field today. To finally crush the long-satisfied audience with the inevitable but above all insane “I wanna dance”. “Have a nice day all of you, have a great weekend, and have a great life,” she seemed to disappear from the stage with her band after a glamorous bow. We are you too, Froukje.

This family business will soon be able to wildly play the banjo to rise above the original, just like Froukje. However, there is advice for next year: do better, Hermann!

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