August 17, 2022

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For Brian, Christmas is a big hobby: "If it were up to me 365 days a year"

For Brian, Christmas is a big hobby: “If it were up to me 365 days a year”

Bright light? This is correct. Brian has two projectors at the front of the facade. One with snow and the other with laser.


It starts with a small Christmas village and some lights, when Brian starts living alone. “Every year there is more. I have a number of hobbies, of which Christmas and New Years are my most wonderful. Christmas means everything to me.”

Brian gets decorations from everywhere. “I sometimes go to the thrift store to see what they have there in terms of lighting. I browse the internet, I go to all the garden centers in the area and beyond. My dream? To America to see how they decorate their homes there for Christmas. I prefer to do it with the kids. They also love lights Christmas “.

match the interior

The decoration should match the décor of the home, and it is still a challenge. “We have everything in the house in high-gloss black and silver. If you put something with it gone in there, it won’t match. We don’t have a style that you can get from Lynn Packer.”

At the end of October, Christmas items are already starting to appear. The outdoor lighting has been on since November. The lights work on a time switch: in the morning from seven to eight thirty, and from five in the afternoon to eleven in the evening. “We live near an elementary school, where a lot of kids pass. They all love it.”

“Every year regional newspapers come to take pictures, and the police post on Twitter that they spotted Christmas decorations again.”

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in the exhibition

His love for the spotlight has deeper roots. Brian was eighteen years old when he entered the world of exhibitions. “I’ve done it for eight years, so I’m familiar with a lot of parties. The oliebollen booth, all the music and the lighting. I took this world home with me. It gives you a kind of freedom: you can do whatever you want.”

In his Christmas village you will find all kinds of attractions at the fairgrounds. “I want to expand more and more.” Although he now has to share the decorations with his three- and five-year-olds. “I am so proud of what they pick. This year my daughter chose a unicorn. When I plug it in and see her happy face, I feel really happy.”


His hobby costs Brian about two hundred to three hundred euros a year. It has two monitors at the front of the interface. One with a laser and the other with snowfall. “My biggest dream? That people walk next to it and can press the button to let the music play. Last year I received the stamp of “The Most Beautiful Christmas Garden in the Village”. I don’t make it a competition, but all the compliments motivate me to give a performance every year.”

Christmas represents peace on earth, but not just for the family. At this coronation time, we have diverged somewhat from each other. If my Christmas lights can provide connection, that’s very important to me. Every year I get Christmas cards from strangers. “We walk every day, and your house makes you very happy.” Creating solidarity is a good thing for me.”

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And after the epiphany? Then everything goes back to the closet. “But if it’s up to me, he’s hanging there 365 days a year.”

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