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For sale: 7 Hybrid events from 3 to 23 miles

For sale: 7 Hybrid events from 3 to 23 miles

The new Prius It is only available in the Netherlands as a hybrid. Such a PHEV version isn’t new, but it’s already here with the third generation of Toyota’s ultra-efficient model. Today, however, we’re focusing specifically on the “non-plug-in hybrid” category. After all, that’s how I got my start with the Prius, and in some ways this class is a lot more interesting. Making a plug-in hybrid economical is pretty easy, as long as it can travel some distance electrically. However, a plug-in hybrid has to be really smart to be useful, and Toyota succeeds at this like no other.

Since it’s easier to reduce CO2 emissions with a hybrid or EV than with a regular hybrid, the range of full-fledged plug-in hybrids outside of the Toyota brand has always been very limited. However, there is a large pool to choose from with a budget of €15,000. We’ll go down a little.

Honda Civic 1.3i IMA – 2004 – 2950 euros

Proof that hybrid driving doesn’t have to be expensive This early Honda Civic IMA. Honda was quick after Toyota with the droplet-shaped Insight, followed by the Civic IMA (Integrated Engine Assist). This is the predecessor of the Honda Civic Hybrid, which later became very popular with us thanks to the addition of 14 percent. Unlike that car, this previous model is almost forgotten, but that makes it a good choice in our opinion. This copy has an eventful history with many different owners and already weighs 2.5 tons. However, the light blue version still looks modern at first glance. Moreover, those who want to shift gears themselves and drive a hybrid car have no choice. Yes: this hybrid has a manual gearbox!

Lexus CT 200h – 2012 – 7999 euros

Hybrid occasions

Not driving a Prius, but secretly driving a Prius? Then the answer is “Lexus CT 200h”. The Prius’ stylish sibling is less practical, but returns – in our eyes – with a pretty wagon and a high-quality interior. Technically it is identical to the third generation Prius. This means an economical sight, solid and understated. This proves solidity This version He has no equal, because with 3.5 tons on the clock he has already seen a lot of the world. The asking price of €7,999 may seem quite steep in this context, but that makes it the cheapest CT 200h in the Netherlands.

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Ford Escape 2.3 Hybrid – 2006 – 7,250 euros

Hybrid occasions

We’ll be staying in the sub-€8,000 category for quite some time, for something really unique. This is a Ford Escape Hybrid It was not officially delivered in the Netherlands and proves that Americans care about fuel consumption. Elsewhere in Europe, this model, the brother of the Mazda Tribute, that was available in the Netherlands, was sold as the Ford Maverick. However, it never came to Holland and was never available as a hybrid. This Escape Hybrid comes from the US, as evidenced by the mileage counter and the typical bar across the side, but it’s been in the Netherlands since 2008. Between that year and February 2022 it was with the same private owner, always a good sign. You probably don’t have to count on an impressive good depreciation in this case, but you are driving a special and practical car for a reasonable amount.

Kia Optima 2.0 CVVT Hybrid – 2014 – 13,950 euros

Hybrid occasions

Kia and hybrid, it must be a Niro, right? So no. The Optima was quickly forgotten, but was available as a hybrid (first generation) and as a plug-in hybrid (second generation). This version of Optima is the first plug-free hybrid It stands out, because it’s an improved version. It sets itself apart with new LED lighting all around and is much rarer than the original variant which is actually rarely seen. Moreover, this version is very complete, with the panoramic sliding roof, heated seats all around and even steering wheel heating, which is almost mandatory in our eyes. A price tag of just under 14k doesn’t seem outlandish for such a modern copy, especially given its reasonable mileage of 175,000.

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Peugeot 508 2.0 HDI Hybrid4 – 2012 – 8,450 euros

Hybrid occasions

Just a warning in advance: This is a Peugeot 508 We recommend only because the combination of diesel and hybrid technology is very rare. So it’s something special, like the 508 Hybrid4, but not necessarily a very good hybrid. Apart from crashes that seem to happen here and there, consumption is simply disappointing according to many users. According to them, 1 in 20 is hardly possible and that’s quite disappointing for a car that can rely on both diesel and electric motor to reduce consumption. With an addition of 14 percent, the 508 hybrid was very popular in the Netherlands, but there were still only a few for sale. From the RXH elevated station wagon We only see onewhich fell into the “Project” category due to engine failure.

Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI Hybrid – 2013 – 12,945 euros

Hybrid occasions

“Diesel King” Volkswagen saw the success of Toyota’s hybrid models with regret and of course wanted to get involved. That’s why it came out in 2012 with hybrid technology in the Jetta jacket. This isn’t a crazy choice, because the hybrid had to make it mainly outside of diesel-loving Europe and the compact sedan was very popular in the United States, for example. As with many European hybrids, the Jetta’s fuel economy was nowhere near that of the larger Toyota model. For the Jetta, in our opinion, her timeless and well-proportioned body speaks for itself. This version is private It looks very elegant with its beautiful wheels and elegant champagne color and costs less than 13k despite its low mileage of 88000.

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BMW X6 5.0i ActiveHybrid – 2010 – 22,950 euros

Hybrid occasions

The guard today: Fat BMW X6. The first-generation X6 received a lot of criticism for its rather cool looks, but it can almost count on cult status as the blueprint for all coupe-SUVs to follow. BMW’s ActiveHybrid brand has been somewhat less successful. It was also stuck in the 3 Series, 5 Series and 7 Series, but we can recall that in practice the hybrid technology was too busy shifting its weight. So you don’t have to count on low consumption, but you also have a fat SUV under your ass. In addition to the electric motor, BMW simply installed a thick five-liter V8 in 2010. With 408 horsepower, it should be a pleasure to drive. This version is also remarkably stylish for the X6. We have our doubts about the wheels, but they’re a sleek silver gray and don’t have misplaced M badging. So far, this X6 has managed to keep its windows free of the dark, sticky foil that’s sold by the counter in the uber-hyped SUV segment. Perhaps the hybrid tag is exactly what makes it less attractive to people who see this type of decoration as enrichment, so that the electrical support here makes sense in at least one respect.