July 21, 2024

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Ford creates separate divisions for electric vehicles and conventional combustion engines – Sound and Vision – News

An EV requires a completely different platform than an ICE/Float car, and in fact the mixes will never be ‘you of it’; Just because there’s crazy stuff for an electric car (no storage box, a drive in a crazy hard-to-reach spot from the drivetrain, or even a full crankshaft tunnel), or for an ICE (high floor where the batteries go otherwise, crazy balance).

So I understand it from a logical point of view. There will also be some financial logic in it; In many markets, ICE will simply disappear, with the exception of some outlets. An EV is actually a much more practical vehicle for many things like buses, personal cars, and other things; But for something like tanks, farm trucks like vans (with the trailer permanently attached), or very obscure stuff will have an ICE value (say it on other fuels). You see more and more ‘EV components’ being added to F1, and I really see the benefits of an EV there, simply because it’s possible and more and more people are asking for it.

It allows the ICE subsidiary to better serve this place, without compromising the larger potential market. I wouldn’t use the word “build a death house” because I think ICE will stay, but where they stay will change compared to ICE as it is now.

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