October 1, 2022

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Ford pays $1.7 billion in overseas car crash case

Ford pays $1.7 billion in overseas car crash case

According to the attorney, jurors issued their verdict on damages Friday after a two-week trial in Lawrenceville, Georgia, confirmed after a courtroom specializing in Courtroom Display Network Reports reported. But the ruling has yet to be reflected in court documents, according to Bloomberg. Ford itself has yet to respond.

The accident occurred when the vehicle the couple was in, a Ford F-250 pickup truck, had an explosion. Then the car overturned and its occupants crashed because the roof of the car was not strong enough to support the weight of the car.

The families of the victims argued in the lawsuit that Ford knew that the surfaces of the F-250 pickup trucks were too thin to protect drivers in the event of the vehicle being turned upside down. But the car company allegedly failed to warn consumers about this. The offending roof design was supposed to be incorporated into cars until 2016.

The fact that Ford appears to have a lot of money in this lawsuit does not mean that the families of the victims will receive a lot of money. In Georgia, three quarters of this money always goes to the state. The rest is divided between the plaintiff and attorneys. The past also shows that very large damages are often also reduced on appeal.

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