July 19, 2024

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Forfaitzege tempts the Belgian Lions after a technical problem in Serbia |  Belgian black

Forfaitzege tempts the Belgian Lions after a technical problem in Serbia | Belgian black

The match between Serbia and the Belgian Lions in the preliminary round of the World Cup was stopped permanently. Due to a technical problem there was little light in the hall in Nice and after an hour the problem was not resolved. Belgium were already certain of the next round, and now it could be a win-lose.

After a stunning home victory against Serbia, the Belgian Lions really needed a new stunt in Serbia to keep their hopes of the 2023 Basketball World Cup realistic.

The Belgian Lions also started the match well with three pointers from De Zio and an additional free throw from Obasuhan. But just two minutes later, the lights went out in Nice after a foul from De Zeeuw.

It was a technical problem that was the cause and could not be resolved quickly. After more than an hour of waiting, the referees had no choice but to stop the match. Belgium will probably protest now and then a flat fee will appear.

Hans Vanwen: “Serbia wants to replay the match on Monday”

In the middle of the night there was no white smoke from Nice. “Nothing has been decided yet,” says Belgian Leon-Hans Vanuen. “Serbia proposed for the first time that the match be replayed on Monday,” he added.

“But it’s usually a consistent win for us, but FIBA ​​hasn’t decided that tonight or tomorrow. If it’s a win, it’s an important win that we take with us to the next round. That could be the deciding factor for us.” world 2023″.

The Serbian Federation announced on Sunday evening that the match will take place on Monday at 7 pm, but there was no confirmation from the Belgian Federation or the International Basketball Federation FIBA.

Victory is important for the next round

After Thursday’s win in Bergen against Slovakia, the Belgian Lions were already certain to qualify for the second preliminary round. The same is true of Serbia and Latvia, who beat Slovakia 60-93 on Sunday, who have already been eliminated.

But the match was important because in the second preliminary round the results of matches against Serbs and Latvians were preserved. In the second round, which will end between next month and February 2023, the Lions will also meet three countries from Group B in their group: Greece, Turkey and Great Britain.

From that pool of six, the top three eventually qualify for the World Cup, which will be held from August 25 to September 10, 2023 in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia.

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