May 30, 2023

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Former Plopsa CEO Steve van den Kerkhove remains active in the theme park world as a director, “but will not have day-to-day contact with staff” | Search on Plopsa

Steve van den Kerkhove, 48, had to step down last month as CEO of Plopsa. The CEO ended up in a swirl of accusations about a sick corporate culture. He was accused of insults, insults and “punitive meetings”. Van den Kerkhove has always defended himself against criticism. “All I can say is that for the past 23 years I have tried to run the company properly.”

look. Steve van den Kerkhove, 48, had to step down last month as CEO of Plopsa

The former Plopsa boss also worked for several years as a manager at Dutch company Momentum Leisure and that doesn’t seem to be changing. The company confirms this to the theme park site “For us, Steve is first and foremost a human being with rights. We want him to stay.”

Studio 100 and Momentum Leisure jointly own the shares behind two Polish theme parks with characters like Maya the Bee and Wickie the Viking. In addition, the Dutch have invested hundreds of millions in building new theme parks in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania. “Studio 100 and Plopsa are respected partners, but they are a different company. Their decision to discontinue Steve is entirely up to them.”

Momentum Leisure CEO Martin van Rijnen confirmed to Mediahuis that van den Kerkhove will continue to work with Dutch as a director, which is “not a full-time job”. He will also not be in daily contact with the staff. Van Reenen replies: “I hope Steve and Hans Burlon and Geert Verholst will talk to each other.” “There are wounds that have to heal, that’s for sure. But that healing is also possible with Steve.”

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look. Who is Steve Van de Kerkhove, Former CEO of Plopsa?