July 16, 2024

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FP3 Monaco result: Leclerc delivers a heavy blow, Verstappen is dissatisfied and quick

FP3 Monaco result: Leclerc delivers a heavy blow, Verstappen is dissatisfied and quick

The third and final test round of the weekend in Monaco has already ended. On the track in the difficult conditions of the small country, the fastest time was set by Charles Leclerc. This time Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton completed the top three.

As is often the case during the third free practice session, no one was in a rush to get onto the track straight away. Only George Russell came directly to the track. McLaren joined him, but everyone was still talking quietly in the penalty area.

Russell started the session on a positive note as he had good news for his team. He said over the on-board radio that the car felt a little different than it did on Friday. This was positive, because Russell no longer suffered from vibrations. He had some criticisms about the steering.


As Russell provided feedback to his team, the track became busier. Max Verstappen put on his helmet, got into his RB20 and took to the asphalt in his hometown. Valtteri Bottas was a bit excited, and crashed into the barrier while exiting the pool. He didn’t like the front suspension very much, and parked his car in Raskas. The red flag was waved, and everyone headed to the pits.


The marshals evacuated Bottas’ Sauber within a few minutes, and the light soon turned green again. All the remaining drivers took to the track, almost everyone on soft tyres. Fast times were recorded, but Lewis Hamilton fired straight at St Devot. Oscar Piastri also visited this replay tape.

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Max Verstappen seems to be going a little faster than yesterday, which was positive. The Dutchman was still angry, because he had to deal with traffic. Drivers were driving everywhere and nowhere, and the circuit turned into a kind of highway during rush hour. This led to dangerous situations, because Kevin Magnussen managed to avoid a number of other cars in the tunnel.


The differences remained small, and many drivers showed that they were capable of fighting for the best positions. Max Verstappen also went smoothly, although he stated that he knew exactly where things needed to go best. He declared in frustration that this was impossible, and that they in the pit wall knew exactly why this had happened. So it doesn’t seem like all the problems have been solved. He recorded the second fastest time at the end of the session. He’s stuck in traffic here again, but he’s also blocked someone himself. That’s why he must inform the referees.

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