July 24, 2024

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Framework Laptop 13 supports RISC-V leaders

Framework Laptop 13 supports RISC-V leaders

You can soon configure Framework Laptop 13 with a RISC-V chip. It’s not that powerful, but the scoop represents an important step for the open alternative to x86 and ARM.

Framework is collaborating with DeepComputing to develop a motherboard with a RISC-V processor for the Framework 13 laptop. The Framework 13 laptop is a modular laptop whose components can be upgraded over time. The architecture is already available with options from Intel and AMD, and RISC-V has now been added as well.

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RISC-V is an alternative processor architecture, alongside x86 and ARM. RISC-V is different from the other two because it is completely open. Think Linux, but in processor architecture. On the other hand, RISC-V is currently less advanced than competitors from Intel and Arm respectively.

Light CPU

The alternate processor is a RISC-V StarFive JH7110 with four cores clocked at 1.5 GHz. It is a very light chip, although of little importance. The special Framework Laptop 13 is not intended for the general public, but for developers. For the first time, they can now work with a RISC-V processor in an attractive laptop that is fully comparable to traditional x86 hardware.

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The rise of ARM for PC shows that x86 is no longer the only ruler in the PC landscape. In theory, RISC-V could capitalize on this momentum, though there’s more to it than just the hardware. The different architecture means that all software should be optimized or emulated (as is the case with Rosetta on Apple M laptops). Right now, you can’t even run Windows on Framework Laptop 13, since this OS is only designed for x86 and ARM.

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The Framework 13 laptop with a RISC-V processor is not yet generally available. You can sign up to receive more news on website From the frame itself