December 4, 2022

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France and US to re-release aid to Ukraine |  Abroad

France and US to re-release aid to Ukraine | Abroad

Both France and the United States re-released evidence on Ukraine. A cargo ship with more than a thousand tons of relief supplies has left Marseille for Ukraine. It was France’s largest humanitarian transport since the Russian military invaded neighboring Ukraine in late February. The US announced $1.1 billion in military aid to Ukraine in the form of arms orders from the US Department of Defense.

The new US aid, designed to boost Ukraine’s security in the medium and long term, includes 18 Himars precision artillery systems, 150 Humvee armored vehicles, 150 tactical armored tractor vehicles, radars and anti-drone defense systems, the US Department of Defense said.

The Pentagon said the new aid “demonstrates America’s commitment to continued support for Ukraine over the long term.” Since Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine, Washington has provided $16.2 billion in military aid to Kiev.

“Don’t Cut Back on Support”

According to French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonnade, the French relief items “contain the unity of France”. The ship is loaded with civil defense equipment including 15 fire and rescue vehicles, personal water lines, demining equipment and bridge sections with spares. Also, the ship is carrying 25 tons of medical equipment and 60,000 food items. The total value of the cargo is 10 million euros.

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“Even if Vladimir Putin chooses to fly forward again, we accept our responsibility not to reduce our support for Ukraine,” said Colonna, who had already pledged both humanitarian and military aid during a visit to Kiev. He also reiterated that holding a referendum in the occupied and partially destroyed Ukrainian regions was “talk”.

The French cargo ship is en route to the Romanian port city of Constanta on the Black Sea and is expected to arrive there on October 4. Cargo will be transported further by road via Suceava, near the border with Ukraine.

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