November 29, 2023

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France requires the third shot for those over 65 years old  Abroad

France requires the third shot for those over 65 years old Abroad

French President Emmanuel Macron today gave his first speech in four months. Macron touched on the situation of Corona in France, as well as economic recovery and political and social reforms.

It has been July 12 since Macron gave another televised address. He then announced that vaccinations would become mandatory for all healthcare workers.

Today, the French President warned of a fifth wave of the Corona virus, citing the alarming increase in the number of infections and hospitalizations. He announced that more additional footage will be available soon for the most vulnerable groups in society. “We are not done with the Corona pandemic yet.”

For French over the age of 65, an additional Corona strike is mandatory from mid-December to maintain the validity of the Corona Corridor. In France, the Corona Pass is necessary, for example, to visit a restaurant, cafe or museum. It was recently decided to keep the pass at least until the summer of next year.

Currently, the 3G rule in France – where people are vaccinated, treated or tested – applies to the catering industry, hotels and residential care centers. In addition, a mouth mask must be worn in many places, including in the queues for ski lifts and gondolas.


Macron also referred to the reform of the French pension system. Indeed, during his July 12 speech, he stated that the pandemic must be brought under control before France proceeds with the wide-ranging reforms that drove its election campaign five years ago. Today, he emphasized that the time was not ripe yet, given the current pandemic. “From 2022, we will have to make clear decisions on pension reform,” the president said.

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Moreover, Macron also announced for France The French nuclear program revives and continues to build new nuclear reactors.

Overview. More and more countries are considering stricter measures for residents and tourists: what is the 2G rule and where is it applied?