August 13, 2022

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Free Chinese miners trapped in illegal coal mine |  abroad

Free Chinese miners trapped in illegal coal mine | abroad

The men became trapped in the Xiaoyi Mine after it was flooded. Hundreds of rescue workers are on site trying to pump water from the showrooms. However, very narrow lanes and the lack of a clear map of the mine site impeded the passage of rescuers.

The local government on Friday announced the removal of three senior local officials, including CPC Chairman Xiaoyi, from their posts. Police have already arrested seven suspects. A search is also underway for the fugitive owner.

China gets about 60 percent of its energy from coal. It has ramped up production in recent months to deal with a power shortage that has led to blackouts and forced factories to close.

On Thursday, authorities said rising demand for coal had pushed up prices and fueled illegal mining.

The Ministry of Disaster Management called on producing provinces to dismantle illegal mines and prosecute those responsible.

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