May 30, 2023

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French journalist killed in Ukraine, Belgian colleague at the front: “As a journalist you sometimes forget that every day can be your last”

“I met him several times, he was actually a friend,” adds de Dekker on Radio 1’s “Morning” program. “He was everywhere, in Kiev, in the east, in the south, everywhere I sometimes met him. Per day In which we texted each other, because it’s important that we keep each other informed of our plans. The last message I got from him was the day before yesterday…”

According to De Dicker, the death of his French colleague is “a very good wake-up call”. “It’s really close now. Because yesterday it went well, the day before yesterday it went well, and it went well three months ago. And then as a journalist, you forget sometimes that you’re vulnerable and that every day here can be in The reality is your last day today. This is the most horrible example of that.”

Decker is about 10 kilometers from where Solden died. He will stay in Ukraine for the time being, but says he will try to work a little further from the front line. “I have a number of tasks that I cannot and do not want to cancel, but I will be more vigilant. But of course you cannot avoid such things, a missile is mercilessly crashing down on you.”

De Dicker narrowly escaped artillery fire on the front line at Bachmuet last month. Testify to this in “Terzake”.

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