September 30, 2022

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Frenkie’s underrated side was captured in one photo: “Really amazing!”

Saturday, November 27, 2021 at 11:33 pm• Jeroen van Poppel • Last update: 23:43

Khaled Boulahrouz and Jan van Halst are very excited about Frenkie de Jong’s performance against Villarreal (Win 1-3). The Barcelona midfielder was impressed by his first goal of the season, but Boulahrouz and Van Halst are focusing on a very different aspect of his game. “See his key here,” says Boulahrouz. Ziggo Sports, while playing the images below. “I won’t say anything else, just look at him.”

As a former defender, Boulahrouz pays attention to de Jong’s “work ethic”. “I think this is really unusual,” says the former international. “He participates in defense and presents himself (after the conquest) as a midfielder.” Van Halst is also a big fan of De Jong. “That’s crazy,” Van Halst said. “You don’t see that often. He’s a beautiful footballer, but he also has that work ethic.”

“He is a nimble player who can excel individually,” Boulahrouz continues. “But his first thought is ‘team.’ I think that’s a great class. We often talk about how he’s going to score so little and so on, but when you put a lot of energy into the game I can understand you want something. Less in front of goal if you score. that “.

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Analysts are also watching De Jong’s goal, who was in the right place deep in the penalty area to take advantage of the rebound. Depay had hit the ball at goalkeeper Jeronimo Rulli a little earlier. Van Halst knows that “the fact that he was here is that Xavi told him, ‘You have to stand a little deeper.'” And by the way, Ronald Koeman had already started with this. Then you also end up with these kinds of balls. Usually he’s out of sixteen because the ball goes down.”

Van Halst saw how Barcelona had a very difficult time in the final with a 1-1 result. “Barcelona showed a huge lack of following opponents. They just ran away from their opponent. They all thought: will run out. And it turned out that way in the last stage. In the end, Barcelona won 1-3, also because Villarreal treated the space with extreme neglect. They were really lucky that Villarreal did not punish them, because they really got all the freedom. This is a pattern, in fact throughout the season, Barcelona have had some good phases, but as the game progresses, it goes down completely. Then you get these kinds of opportunities.”