December 5, 2022

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Frequently dry eyes?  Maybe your long eyelashes

Frequently dry eyes? Maybe your long eyelashes

Do you often suffer from dry eyes at the end of the day? Unfortunately, this can have many reasons, such as looking at the screen for too long. But we recently found out that it can be transmitted through your eyelashes…we’ll catch up.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a lot of long lashes. So we were very surprised to read that long, Eyelashes It can be caused by dry eyes. What about that?

Dry eyes due to (very) long eyelashes

in This article We read how important your eyelashes are. Not only for a Fa-fa-foam The look, but specifically to keep dirt and dust out of your eyes, says certified ophthalmologist Diane Hilal Campo. You might not think of it when applying a thick layer of mascara, but eyelashes play a very functional role. Your eyelashes act as a kind of protection against the wind. With a light breeze, you will not suffer from watery eyes. Cute – good!

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But are your eyelashes too long, for example because of eyelash extensions? Hilal Campo says this can cause eyelashes to create a wind tunnel effect, leaving your eyes with less moisture. This dries out your eyes and leaves your eyes dry.

The best length for your eyelashes

The best length for your eyelashes has been searched In this research. What does it look like? The ideal length of eyelashes is a maximum of one third of the width of your eye. Anything longer can cause dry eyes.

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Forget those long eyelashes from Selena Gomez And the Megan Marklia Therefore – it is better for the health of your eyes to use slightly shorter eyelashes. This doesn’t mean you should never go out with false eyelashes at a party again, but if you’ve had dry eyes after that party, at least you know why.

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Do you often suffer from dry eyes? Apparently it could be your eyelashes