December 9, 2022

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Frick Sinn With Karen Damen: "I Got Too Picky After K3" |  showbiz

Frick Sinn With Karen Damen: “I Got Too Picky After K3” | showbiz

showbizKaren Damen has long since ceased to be just a ‘redhead for K3’. In no time, she built her own music and television career. Frick Brickman stayed with Karen, her husband Anthony van der Wey, and her son Skye. In his podcast, Karen allows us to take a look at her daily life. “I had a lot of build when I was still in K3.”

Frick goes exploring in Karen’s house, from the attic to the basement. “This is Caveman Skye,” Karen says proudly. “A cinema with seats, lights and disco balls. On his birthday he watched a horror movie here with his friends. That was the weekend there was that giant storm! So I called all the mothers: Let these children spend the night here. I didn’t have enough beds, so I went and fetched all the quilts and pillows I could find, and they all slept here in the basement. I think it was three before they fell asleep,” she laughs.

Frick Stays Asleep With Karen Damen © HLN

Here and there there are still some K3 things in the basement, hidden in plastic boxes. “I don’t look like this Barbie doll,” Karen said of the K3 gadget. “We all had the same doll’s face, just different hair.”

“My life was much more structured when I was in K3,” Damen said. “But at least I can sleep now. Sleeping is the best ever, I love it so much. I’ve been very picky since K3. If I want to take part in a project, I say: OK, but I can’t do it until then. Doesn’t work? Alas? .I’m too old for that.”

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Karen Damen

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