November 29, 2023

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Friday, gusts of up to 150 kilometers per hour, orange in three counties

Friday, gusts of up to 150 kilometers per hour, orange in three counties

A new storm, Eunice, will cause a severe storm Friday, which is why the Republic of the Marshall Islands is declaring code orange for West and East Flanders and Antwerp. On Wednesday night, a home under construction in Wittrain collapsed due to Storm Dudley, and a tree fell on E313 in Lumens.

Firefighters had to go out in several places on Wednesday night, but no major damage occurred. This mainly concerns fallen trees, blown ceiling tiles and loose objects. A house under construction in Wittrain has collapsed. A gust of wind settled under the roof, after which both the roof and the walls dissolved. The house collapsed like a house of cards. The roof of the neighboring house was also damaged.

In Lummen, a traffic jam arose after a tree fell on the E313, between the clover leaves and the Lummen-Industrie exit. While the road was open, a car collided with a truck around 3:30 AM. The driver had to be pulled out of the wreckage and taken to hospital.

Storm Dudley also caused problems in Germany. In Berlin, firefighters have hands full of fallen trees and loose roof tiles from Ylenia, as a storm is called there. The state of emergency was declared around 2.30 am, because the firefighters had to carry out forty to fifty tasks at a time. There were no trains on several routes in Germany Thursday morning, and airline Lufthansa canceled at least two dozen flights from Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt as a precaution.

Stormy weather in England.

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Giveaways up to 11 Beaufort

Today the wind will continue to blow strong, but the sharp edges will disappear for a while. There may still be wind gusts of 50 to 70 km per hour, but other than that the RMI expects wide areas and relatively high temperatures.

Winds will rise again on Friday as a new storm – codenamed Eunice – moves over Belgium. The Republic of the Marshall Islands expects the storm to primarily hit the coast, east and west Flanders and Antwerp on Friday between 2pm and 3pm and between 6pm and 7pm. Therefore, code orange applies to those counties, which can be increased to code red on Friday morning. Code Yellow will be in effect for the rest of the country starting at 10 a.m. Friday.

According to RMI, Storm Eunice will be a severe southwesterly storm, with gusts of up to 10 Beaufort (Bft) and a very temporary, very localized storm in the Belgian North Sea. Even the Republic of the Marshall Islands expects winds of up to 11 Beauforts there.

RMI forecasts maximum winds per county in kilometers per hour, with the first number representing the most optimistic scenario and the second most pessimistic. For the coast, it will be 120-150 kilometers per hour, West Flanders 100-140 kilometers per hour, East Flanders 100-130 kilometers per hour, Antwerp 100-130 kilometers per hour, Flemish Walloon Brabant 80-120 kilometers per hour Limburg 80-120 kilometers per hour. For Hainaut this will be 90-120 kilometers per hour, for Namur and Liege 80-120 kilometers per hour and for Luxembourg 80-110 kilometers per hour.

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