July 20, 2024

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Frisian CdK quotes a letter from a farmer’s 7-year-old son

Frisian CdK quotes a letter from a farmer’s 7-year-old son

In his New Year’s address, the King’s (CdK) Frisian commissioner Arnaud Brock quotes a letter from the farmer’s seven-year-old son Gemti Schustra from Oosterwierum. Gemty asked Brock if he could still be a farmer.

I can see the ambition and passion of this little guy and his dream for the future. His parents told me he couldn’t sleep because he didn’t think he could be a farmer anymore.” He visited the farm in southwest Friesland last year after Jimti invited him.

The king’s commissioner noted that in the coming period, important choices will be made with regard to nitrogen, peat meadows and biodiversity, but also with regard to important topics such as the Lily line, housing, language and Frisian culture.

In his New Year’s address, Brock said that the importance of middle management is increasing and the Frislan district can make that difference. “Give us space,” he shouted. Space and power to color our own future. An authority close to the people, close to society. Especially with the transition to agriculture.

The King’s Commissioner spoke of the relationship between the Randstad and the Countryside. Obviously there are feelings and we need to be aware of them. But it won’t help either side if you get stuck in it. The Netherlands is just a postage stamp: from space, city and countryside seamlessly merge.

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