December 8, 2022

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From Baggy Pants to Oversized Turtlenecks: 5 Hot Street Style Trends (For Chic On-The-Go Looks) |  Fashion beauty

From Baggy Pants to Oversized Turtlenecks: 5 Hot Street Style Trends (For Chic On-The-Go Looks) | Fashion beauty

Oversized, lined with down or with a rough rubber sole: Right now’s warm winter fashion items are not for the faint of heart. Fashion guru Hilde Geudens went shopping at Main street And I collected hot trends for a good price: 5 trends with which you can beat these cold months effortlessly.

Split leggings and knit dress

The real hit: the black leggings with a split at the bottom. Cute with an oversized sweater or with your favorite sweater. With sturdy shoes, heels, or ballet flats underneath, it’s all possible. A maxi-length knit wool dress is the perfect winter dress, because it’s comfortable and above all, cute and warm.

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1. Leggings from c & a25.99 euros.

2. Leggings from Just29.99 euros.

4. Dress from mango59.99 euros.

3. Dress from Bristol44.99 euros.

5. Dress from Louise by e569.99 euros.

warm vest

Fleece to faux fur: the warm winter vest is well represented this winter. Adds warmth and coolness.

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1. A waistcoat from COS69 euros.

2. A waistcoat from Monkey40 euros.

3. A waistcoat COS79 euros.

4. A waistcoat H&M34.99 euros.

Puffy and Chelsea boots

Hot: Hats, scarves and bags are full of fluff. For more comfort and position. Chelsea boots remain high on the winter radar. As long as they have a rough rubber sole, you’re good to go.

Seen during Copenhagen Fashion Weeks

Seen during Copenhagen Fashion Weeks © rr

1. Handbag from Monkey30 euros.

2. A scarf from Eugene in ZEB29.99 euros.

3. Cell phone pouch from Mayerlin49 euros.

4. Hat from H&M17.99 euros.

5. Shoes from Van Haren44.99 euros.

6. Shoes from Pull & Bear39.99 euros.

7. Shoes from Zara89.95 euros.

8. Shoes from mango 59.99 euros.

Oversized jacket with a high neck

An oversized blazer is the perfect base for many looks. Choose beige (chic) ​​or checkered (classic), but know that soft pastel shades are timeless. And his best jacket? Turtleneck, slightly oversized, made of soft material and timeless colour. Beautiful with just about anything.

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1. Blazer from Vero mode59.99 euros.

2. The jacket from H&M29.99 euros.

3. The jacket from mango49.99 euros.

4. Turtleneck from uniqlo49.90 euros.

5. Turtleneck from c & a29.99 euros.

6. Turtleneck from Zara45.95 euros.

cargo pants

Pants of the moment. It is recognizable by its loose fit and large pockets. Wear it however you like, from casual to dressy.

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1. Panties from Pull & Bear29.99 euros.

2. Pants from Bershka39.99 euros.

3. Pants from H&M59.99 euros.

4. Pants from Zara39.95 euros.

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