December 8, 2022

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From Jaguar to Bentley: a gigantic barn in England wows enthusiasts |  to cut

From Jaguar to Bentley: a gigantic barn in England wows enthusiasts | to cut

From Jaguar to Bentley: A huge barn in England wows enthusiasts

A large collection of classic cars has been discovered in England. in Video from a British YouTuber You can see how dozens of Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Jaguar cars are lined up in large sheds. Unfortunately, the condition of most cars is miserable.

The dilapidated building that houses the collection is full of trees and grass and many cars are covered in a layer of moss and moss. Sometimes the many cars parked outside are completely covered in trees and bushes, like a Saab where only the tail lights are visible. Weeds and grass are so high that they cover the wheels and bumpers of cars.

Ford Sierra XR 4X4 and Jensen Interceptor

Many cars are in various states of neglect. Some seem to have been damaged by bits of it, while others may have been wrecks before they ended up in the shed. The collection includes some iconic cars, such as the Porsche 911, Ford Sierra XR 4×4, Metro GT-A, Fiat Coupé with Abarth badge, Lotus Esprit and Jensen Interceptor.

The interiors are often well maintained

Also featured in the video: countless Peugeot cars, few Citroen cars, few Porsche 924 and 944 and models of Mercedes, Mini, Morris and MG cars. While many cars look in very poor condition from the outside, nature has not yet made its way through all the vehicles as many models seem to have well-kept interiors.

Often in preparation for the auction

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The exact location of this barn find is unknown, but there is a good chance that this group was drawn from a wealthy collector without offspring. Classic car fans are always amazed that the undiscovered collections are still around. In the past, a video like this was often a prelude to a massive auction at a famous auction house.

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