July 20, 2024

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From late pentagonist to victorious: Martin Dane wins award for crazy comedy

From late pentagonist to victorious: Martin Dane wins award for crazy comedy

“Hot” comedy. That turned out to be the case again, this time at the Lunatic Comedy Award. More than 70 up-and-coming comedians registered for this competition, and after 12 were selected, after the semi-finals, 5 names were allowed to storm the boards of Menard in Ghent. Beautiful hall, sold out, tension was at its peak and it was actually the last person in the queue who won.

There is no professional jury, as in other competitions, only the public decides through the voting form. The final was on an equal level, however Martin Dehaene (42 years old, late bloomer, from Wortegem in East Flanders) still provides enough of a break in the overall standings.

He’s a little older, mature, and calm on stage as if he just got out of his seat. Pure stand-up comedy: Mic ready, just tell and take a look. About his childhood, his parents, his former religious teacher, but also a silly story about rabbits in his garden. By playing it casual, he crafted the best joke of the evening. He convinced the entire audience. He is thus the successor to Stijn Vandermeeren, who won the 2022 race.

The finale is always interesting as it provides a selection of a new group of comedians. So too Milan Burmese: Tight play, “unwoke rant” about kids and trouble with them, but it’s also a surprise song inspired by the mayor from “Samson.” He’ll get there, but first he has to log some extra flying hours. Wolf Sionen He was the second name allowed to play a 12-minute “set”. He is very young, only 19 years old, and has stories and jokes about his outings, his art education, his parents and his job at Plopsa. It started very quickly, but slowly faded away. Still stark, but clear potential.

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then “Water with wine.”: Drawing a comedy duo. Or even a cabaret. Lots of ideas, good and not so good, that’s how it is. There was a lot of momentum, although it wasn’t always clear where it was headed. Two men with stage presence, that’s for sure. It’s now a matter of cutting and bringing harmony to the collection. Tim Lubwick Then she passed by, also pure stand-up comedy, hung up the mic and exploded into the room. Obviously some experiences, and good jokes, are taken from life, and some are more poignant than others. If Martin Dane had not been present, he would have been the winner.