December 1, 2023

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From TV shows about public transport to the mail: Here you will feel the national strike on Tuesday

From TV shows about public transport to the mail: Here you will feel the national strike on Tuesday

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Public transport

Train services will be seriously disrupted from Monday, May 30 at 10pm, until Tuesday, May 31. A quarter of the trains will be running. Flemish public transport company De Lijn also warns of necessary inconveniences.

To avoid the obstacle in NMBS In order to reduce this as much as possible, an alternative train service has been developed, based on which employees have indicated that they will work. One in three IC trains operates between major cities. In addition, one in five trains from suburban S and L trains. Most P trains, which operate only during the morning and evening rush hours, do not run.

There are no trains in the provinces of Liege, Luxembourg and Namur. This is because there is not enough staff available in that area of ​​Infrabel Rail Manager. This also means that IC trains crossing these counties will be limited. There will also be few or no trains at a number of other stations in the country. NMBS advises all concerned travelers to work from home if possible or seek an alternative.

Travelers are advised to prepare well for their train journey. This can be done via the itinerary planner on the NMBS website or app, which shows the alternative train service. During the strike, station screens only show running trains. The alternative train service is also delivered through the various information channels of the National Statistics Office, such as social media channels. As of the morning of Wednesday, June 1, train traffic will return to normal.

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also Line Warns of the necessary obstacle to service. Not all buses and trams will operate. De Lijn has developed an alternative service based on the available staff. Travelers can refer to these via the route planner on De Lijn’s website. Trips that will not be made do not appear in the route planner.

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The Flemish public transport company has already called on travelers to provide an alternative if possible, such as working remotely, using cars, cycling or walking.

Archive photo

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in brussels, STIB “Extremely severe disruptions” to the bus, tram and metro networks and the public transport company is also advising travelers to use alternatives to get around on Tuesday. Travelers can refer to the STIB mobile app to find other ways to travel that day.


There are also many teachers in education who will take action, according to ACOD Education. Several sit-ins are also being held in different schools across the country. Emergency care is provided in a number of schools.

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The shortened TV news will be broadcast for a maximum of 10 minutes in VRT. Series residence Not on TV on Tuesday evening either. This was learned Monday from the trade unions of the Public Broadcasting Corporation. The Joint Trade Union Front said: “Preparation for the strike has never been greater.”

Concretely, the strike will have a significant impact on programming. In addition to the news, the radio will mainly show music. In addition, a syndicalist message will be regularly seen, heard and read on television, radio and on the Internet.

VRT employees will also go on strike on Tuesday in protest of the announced turnaround plan. “The plan currently being offered is not a savings plan, but a demolition plan,” according to ACOD VRT, ACV VRT and VSOA VRT. It seems that “preparing to strike has never been greater”. Unions demand more respect for employees and viewers. This is why they call on the Flemish government and administration to stop savings, privatization and indexing of operating resources.

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Actions are also being taken elsewhere

Also a postal company bpost It announces that it expects an outage in its services. It’s hard for the company to quantify the scale of this inconvenience, but they are doing everything they can to keep it as limited as possible. Packages, newspapers, and priority letters are given priority anyway, and shipments that are not earlier may take a longer day on the way. There may also be disruption at the post offices, but unfortunately we will only know how disruptive our services will be tomorrow.

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Measures will also be taken in some municipal offices, administrative services, residential care centers and prisons. Belgian prison staff will participate in large numbers in the national strike on Tuesday. This will be heard on Monday from various unions.