February 2, 2023

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From World Cup Adventures in Japan to Sonic's Worst Son-in-law: The Best of Villa Spurza |  FIFA World Cup 2022

From World Cup Adventures in Japan to Sonic’s Worst Son-in-law: The Best of Villa Spurza | FIFA World Cup 2022

An episode of Villa Sporza full of guards. This is worth an overview with the best photos. Karl Vannieuwkerke and his guests take you on the adventures of demons at the World Cup in Japan, chatting about the past and choosing their least favorite son-in-law.

World Cup 2002: “Roberto Carlos pressed my ball”

With Gert Verheyen and Wesley Sonck at the table, Carl Vannejork saw his chance to relive the memorable moments of the 2002 World Cup in Japan.

“This is where Roberto Carlos squeezed my testicles,” Verheyen recalled to his agonizing farewell match with the Devils. Beautiful photos of the trip to the volcano have emerged from Wesley Sunk.

The national team coach Huigi aims for the year 2034

The current generation of Red Devils could not give us the World Cup, so Thomas Huighi is looking for success later on.

In his series “Mini-Devils” he will work with five-year-olds who have to conquer the world in the 2034 World Cup. At least that’s the plan …

Hommeles between Van Meir and Sonck

“It wasn’t my plan to go to Lierse,” Wesley Sunk said at the table. “But the contract was very good.”

There he played very little under coach Eric van Meer, to his liking. The striker also clearly demonstrated this after a world-class goal against Thibaut Courtois. It really generates a sincere apology in our studio.

A tour of the least perfect smelting

In the World Cup there are a number of ‘scoundrels’ of players who walk around. This did not go unnoticed at our table.

“Who would be your least favorite son-in-law out of all these players?” asks Karl Vanyukerke. Huyghe chooses Cavani, “because then you would have to buy a new screen every week”.

Wesley Sunk would rather not see Amy go home with an Englishman.

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