December 6, 2023

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FTX CEO verwacht meer institutionele adoptie in 2022

FTX CEO Anticipates More Institutional Adoption in 2022 “Crypto Insiders”

Bitcoin (BTC) Most cryptocurrencies took a beating this week. However, the CEO FTX Crypto Exchange know this week rising 2022. According to Sam Bankman-Fried, institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies could accelerate significantly this year. Why explain lately interview Bloomberg met.

Cryptographic laws and regulations open the door

Bankman-Friend said in the interview that he is optimistic about 2022. The CEO of FTX said.

Regulation is a thorny issue for many investors. Since cryptography is a new sector, the regulations aimed at crypto are still vague. This poses an obstacle for large parties who want to invest in cryptocurrency. They consider that the risk is still very high.

The CEO of FTX predicts that the apparent regulation will eventually lead to a “tidal wave” of institutional adoption. But he believes it is likely to be a gradual process that will take several years. According to him, we will take great steps in 2022.

Major banks and pension funds want to join

The cryptocurrency market has grown a lot in recent years and with the prospect of developing the metaverse, its potential growth has only increased. According to the CEO of FTX, there is a lot of interest in this sector:

“Essentially every major financial institution I’ve talked to — every big bank, every major investment bank, pension funds — they are all looking at the industry.”

According to Bankman-Friend, players will primarily be the ones who will play a major role in the metaverse. thanks for the Irreplaceable icons (NFT) Must in the game Things also get really unique and rare. And since there are billions of gamers out there, this will also lead to a massive wave of adoption.

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