December 2, 2022

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Gas station customer wins €1m with Lotto: 'I have no idea what to do with it' (Herentals)

Gas station customer wins €1m with Lotto: ‘I have no idea what to do with it’ (Herentals)

Lillian Goure of the National Lottery (left) handed a token check to employee Eli Verhoeven from the Total Energies gas station in Wellens ovonde in Herentals. © Hans Oten


The Total Energies gas station along the eaves of the Wellens clothing store in Herentals has seen the most successful passing of Lotto’s small winners in the past 15 years, but it is the first time a customer has won more than €1 million.

Hans Oten

Anyone wanting to enter the point of sale at Total Energies’ Herentals gas station in Cardijnlaan to pay or buy a quick snack can’t currently ignore the huge Lotto sign with the amount won: Customer knew here during the check in April 27 to Shoot the main bird Exactly 1,018,799 euros.

“This win is of course unexpected, although I have been playing faithfully from the start,” says the lucky winner, who wishes to remain anonymous for a known reason. “I always do this at a gas station, but I don’t really have any special numbers. The six numbers on my game ticket obviously match the winning numbers, however I checked them at least twenty times. I must say frankly I’m still a bit confused, So much so that I have no idea what I would do with this wonderful amount. Of course I would save a little, but for the rest I have to think deeply. The possibilities are endless.”

The lucky winner – of course – is not present at the Herentals gas station on Tuesday, so Liliane Goor of the National Lottery hands out a token check to the employees of the Total Energies gas station in Cardijnlaan in Herentals. “We have a number of regular customers who bring a lotto form here every week, casual passersby who play on the lotto after refueling is less common,” says employee Elly Verhoeven.

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“The fact that he won a million euros here is of course great publicity,” says Lillian Goure. “Gas stations are gaining importance to us as a selling point, and their share in turnover is increasing. We also see, for example, with large pots that more casual customers at a gas station decide to play Lotto quickly after all. But we also note that most of them It’s middle-aged people, especially men. You also see much fewer young people in traditional newspaper stores. Unfortunately, they don’t buy newspapers anymore and when they play lotto, they do it online.”

The lucky winner is the 16th to have six correct numbers this year and the 12th to win over 1 million euros. The National Lottery reinvests a significant portion of the proceeds from lottery products in all kinds of projects, from cultural to social, scientific to humanitarian. “With €335 million annually, we are the largest sponsor in the country,” says Gower.

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