December 5, 2022

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Gasoline and diesel are cheaper again |  News

Gasoline and diesel are cheaper again | News

For a liter of diesel (B7), the maximum price drops by 7 cents to 1947 euros. This means that from Wednesday you will pay €87,615 for a 45-liter tank instead of €90,765, as it is today.
This equates to a price difference of 3.15 euros.

Gasoline 95 (E10) drops 8.2 cents to 1,807 cents per liter, which means you pay 81,315 euros for 45 liters. Today you pay 85.005 euros for the same amount.
This means that the price difference is 3.69 euros.

For 45 liters of 98 (E5) gasoline, you will pay 93,825 euros from Wednesday, when that price will drop by 5.1 cents to 2,085 euros. The current price is 96.12 euros.
This translates to a price difference of 2.30 euros.

These are the lowest prices since the end of April for gasoline 98 and since the end of May for gasoline 98 and diesel. Fuel prices have risen dramatically for months, due to the economic recovery after the Corona crisis and the Russian invasion of Ukraine at the end of February. The price of diesel peaked in mid-March at 2286 euros per liter, and in June the price of gasoline was 95 and 98 with 2155 and 2402 euros per liter.

In March, the federal government introduced a temporary reduction in production duties on fuel. Without this discount, prices would be higher.

In addition, the price of heating oil (the fifties) also decreased by 8.7 cents per liter. For orders of 2000 liters, consumers pay a maximum of 1.1859 euros per liter.