October 1, 2022

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Geneticist Jean-Jacques Cassmann dies |  Newspaper

Geneticist Jean-Jacques Cassmann dies | Newspaper

Geneticist Jean-Jacques Cassmann died Friday at the age of 79 from lung cancer. This was reported by Kom op tegen Kanker (KOTK), the organization he headed. KOTK describes him as “remarkable” for his “pioneering work in DNA research” and “inspiring” because he helped the organization grow into one of the most powerful social profit organizations in Flanders.

mtmsource: BELGA

He gained worldwide fame through his DNA research, but he has also influenced Belgian health policy. Until recently, many ministers, governments, and other researchers had come to seek his advice.

Cassmann served as Chairman of the KOTK Board of Directors for twelve years. “Thanks to him, the organization has grown financially, scientifically and objectively into one of the strongest and most valuable social profit organizations in Belgium,” according to the press release. “He was a realm that far exceeded his realm, and he had an incredible added value.” General Manager Marc Michaels adds that “Jean-Jacques was always kind, had no hats, was very sociable and when necessary a decisive decision-maker. His wonderful sense of humor was also typical of him.”

KU Leuven’s president, Luc Sels, notes that Cassiman has a lot to offer. “The warmth and peace you find with a good friend. A passion for pushing boundaries in DNA research. The art of communicating complex science in an understandable way. An inspiration to groom many generations of students and indeed we are all into the mysteries of human genetics. Caring for patients, colleagues, and fellow human beings.”

Jacques de Greve will remain interim president until March 2023, a position he has already held for several months. Michaels will take over the presidency next year.

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