July 20, 2024

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George Likens: “Eden Hazard will be disappointed by the harshness of his treatment” |  Red Devils

George Likens: “Eden Hazard will be disappointed by the harshness of his treatment” | Red Devils

George Leekens translates how many Belgian football fans feel: “A bit sad, a bit disappointed. Eden Hazard It gave us a lot of pleasure.”

Leekens worked with “natural talent” Hazard in his younger years with the Red Devils. “What if I knew right away that he was a top player? Yeah, it wasn’t that hard. If you hadn’t seen it…”

“I was demanding of him and used that hamburger incident against Turkey to make him more efficient. It was a childhood sin.”

Leekens and Hazard, then of course hamburger will be served immediately. The incident said something about the laziness that sometimes gripped Hazard. or not?

“Eden is just like that. We also made up for that incident and after a one-match ban he’s back with the group.”

“He was very good in the group and also gave you a lot of joy off the field.”

“When I met him later as the national coach of Tunisia, we caught up on the field. He said, ‘Shall we have a burger?

At Chelsea, Eden Hazard was the king, at Real Madrid he ended up in a backroom after so many injuries.

Likens: “Chelsea was completely focused on him, Zinedine Zidane was fond of him at Real Madrid. He also started well, but then got injured.”

“Aiden was never actually injured, although the mental and physical stress at such a young age was already too great.”

In January or June it will become clear where Hazard’s future lies at club level, as the Devils stop here and now. Is he the catalyst for other seniors?

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Likens replies, “I think so.” “Things moved very quickly with Eden, probably due to the disappointment surrounding his injuries.”

“And there was also a lot of criticism. It’s not for him. It was dealt with harshly and he will be disappointed in that. While we should be proud of this world-class player.”