January 31, 2023

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German federal states tighten rules if they are not vaccinated |  Abroad

German federal states tighten rules if they are not vaccinated | Abroad

Now that the number of coronavirus infections in Germany has again reached record levels, many individual countries are taking the lead in increasing coronavirus restrictions pending federal guidelines. In recent days, several states have announced additional restrictions primarily targeting unvaccinated residents.

very limited Bavaria, the largest state, provides access to restaurants and hotels for people who have been fully vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19. A person who has not been fully vaccinated will not be able to enter these institutions with a negative test. The Bavarian capital, Munich, also announced the abolition of the traditional Christmas market. Small and private Christmas markets are still supposed to be allowed to take place in Munich, provided the number of visitors is kept under control.

Conservative Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder has defended a nationalist approach, because he believes the mixture of measures is totally undesirable. “What we need is a comprehensive base for the second generation in Germany,” he said. The influential politician called for vaccinated citizens to be given a booster shot five or more months after the last vaccination, and for masks to be worn in more public places. He also wants some professional groups to be legally bound by vaccination, which is currently very sensitive in Germany.

authorities North Rhine-WestphaliaThe state with the largest population announced 2G restrictions on Tuesday, and went even further by introducing a stricter “2G plus” rule for certain events, such as carnival. The bottom line is that these events almost always require a negative test, even in people who have been fully vaccinated or have recently recovered from Covid-19.

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Large parts of public life will also remain in the smaller southwestern state Baden-Württemberg It is prohibited to unvaccinated persons. For example, only restaurants, museums, and other public places, including fitness studios, swimming pools, and music schools, are allowed to accept visitors who meet 2G requirements. In schools, children must wear mouth masks from Tuesday.

and in ThuringiaIn the east of the country, a 2G base will be offered to restaurants, cafes, hotels, hostels and major events. Children and adolescents are excluded from this requirement. Employees in restaurants, for example, are allowed to work if they can provide a negative PCR test. The rules are expected to go into effect next week.