January 27, 2023

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German government wants 'lockdown light' from December 28 |  Corona virus what you need to know

German government wants ‘lockdown light’ from December 28 | Corona virus what you need to know

The German government wants to introduce a “lockdown light” from December 28. According to German media, this means that all nightclubs and discos will close and there will also be other restrictions on people who have been vaccinated and recovered from Covid-19. The rules are not approved by state chief ministers.

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One measure is that people who have been vaccinated and recovered may gather a maximum of ten people, either indoors or outdoors. Furthermore, all applicable rules remain in effect. strict insurance As in the Netherlands It seems unlikely in Germany at the moment.

On Tuesday, the prime ministers of Germany’s 16 states will meet Chancellor Olaf Scholz on the toughest possible measures against the virus. After that, it will be announced whether Schulz’s measures will be adopted throughout Germany. They also discuss ways to increase the vaccination rate. Federal states bear a high degree of responsibility, also regarding Corona policy.

On Monday, the prime minister, Hendrik Fust, president of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, proposed measures to limit contact before the end of the year. And he told the German ARD channel that a normal New Year’s Eve is not possible due to the Omicron type of Corona virus. Wüst has not announced what exactly the measures will be, but large parties have been disqualified.

There are no extra measures at Christmas

Wüst says the number of omikron variant cases is also expanding rapidly in North Rhine-Westphalia. New Year’s Eve celebrations will speed up the spread, because there will be many people together. The Prime Minister does not consider it necessary to take additional measures at Christmas. According to West, last year’s Christmas did not guarantee a faster spread of the coronavirus.

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Before Tuesday’s consultation, Wüst said on Twitter on Monday that it should become clear to German citizens what to expect in the coming weeks. “Politicians must honestly tell citizens that action is still needed next year.”

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach also does not want to know about the lockdown before Christmas.

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