February 1, 2023

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Germany’s defense minister is under fire for his distressing New Year’s video

Some German media consider the position of Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) untenable after she posted a clumsy video message on her Instagram page. In it, she said that the war in Ukraine was an opportunity for her to “meet amazing, interesting people.”

The video shows how Lambrecht looks back at the past. With the sound of fireworks exploding in the background, she looks back on “a year that ended with a war raging in Central Europe”. Lambrecht said that the war in Ukraine had led to “special experiences” for her, and that she had “a lot of encounters with wonderful, interesting people”.

This message has gone in the wrong direction with many. German daily newspaper Der Tagesspiegel She was scathing about what she declared: “Lambrecht does not mention Ukraine by name, nor does she speak of the sacrifices of the soldiers who have been defending their country for more than ten months. Wars do not only ‘rage on’ as a natural phenomenon. In the video, war and its consequences appear to be primarily a professional experience.” Sensational to her.Anyone who talks about the war in this way is no longer acceptable as Secretary of Defense.The newspaper also found the fact that she was talking about the war while loud explosions could be heard in the background problematic.

Also a boulevard sheet picture He questions the sustainability of the minister. The minister thanks Russia for the “many and interesting encounters” it has had thanks to the war. Christine Lambrecht succeeded in vandalizing the office of the Minister of Defense and damaging the image of the entire ministry. If Chancellor Olaf Scholz does not intervene and replace his worst ministers, she will mock the entire federal government and all of Germany.

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Also woman He wasn’t tender about the clumsily brought video. How many embarrassments, mistakes and carelessness can a member of the government endure before Olaf Scholz loses his temper? The question arises whether the minister has lost touch with reality.

Last month, Lambrecht was still blushing when it turned out that German ultra-modern armored vehicles, pumasAll of them had to deal with bad luck after the military exercises.