December 7, 2022

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Get up to 50 percent cashback on your renewal bills with the new Mijn VerbouwPremie |  my guide

Get up to 50 percent cashback on your renewal bills with the new Mijn VerbouwPremie | my guide

liviusYou can apply for Mijn VerbouwPremie from October 1, 2022. This new premium includes several old premiums for renovations and energy-saving interventions. What works can you apply for in the new Mijn VerbouwPremie? How much will you recover? How does the system work exactly? Construction site Discover it. After all, active regeneration is still the way to this energy prices to reduce as much as possible.

Written by Jaron Bogart, in collaboration with Livius

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What’s new in Mijn VerbouwPremie?

You can apply for the new Mijn VerbouwPremie from October 1, 2022. It is a consolidated installment of Wonen-Vlaanderen’s previous renewal premium and most Fluvius installments for energy-efficient investments. Previously, you had to apply for these installments separately.

Until the end of 2022, you can order Mijn VerbouwPremie for invoices no older than two years and three months. After that, a maximum of two years applies. Have you ever applied for a Fluvius Energy Scholarship or a Flemish Renewal Scholarship? Then you cannot apply for Mijn VerbouwPremie again for the same business.

Not all premiums are included in Mijn VerbouwPremie. For example, the Flemish adaptation premium, the Fluvius solar panel premium and the EPC sticker premium will continue to exist separately. An overview of other installments, depending on where you live, can be found here.

You can apply for Mijn VerbouwPremie as a private home owner. As a renter, you can also claim the premium when you invest in energy-efficient savings.

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What jobs can you apply for at Mijn VerbouwPremie?

Mijn VerbouwPremie includes many different business categories. Every renovation job or energy-saving intervention is covered by the new premium.

Anyone who insulates or renovates a roof, exterior wall or floor, or does work on windows and doors, electrical or plumbing, can apply for Mijn VerbouwPremie. Furthermore, work on the interior wall, ceiling, stairs and other interior renovations also falls under Mijn VerbouwPremie. And of course you are entitled to a premium for installing a solar boiler, heat pump, heat pump boiler or gas condensing boiler.

DIY builders can apply for Mijn VerbouwPremie only if the work is performed by a contractor, sometimes even by a recognized contractor. Do-it-yourself is only allowed for interior renovations and work on electrical or plumbing.

Did you know… Is there an energy review? This audit maps out your current situation, but also gives you an action plan to improve your home’s energy performance.

How much does Mijn VerbouwPremie cost?

The amount of Mijn VerbouwPremie depends on your family situation and family income. A distinction is made between three different income categories.

If you belong to the lower income category, you will get 50 percent back on accepted bills. Families in the middle income bracket earn 35 percent. There is a cap that can be increased in fixed installments for renewable energy.

Does your family belong to the higher income category? Then you are eligible to get Mijn VerbouwPremie for certain businesses only. This relates to roof insulation, external wall insulation, floor insulation, high-efficiency glazing and the installation of a heat pump, solar boiler or heat pump boiler. In this case you will receive a fixed amount per square meter of insulation or glass or per power facility.

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Reading tip: How much does the renewal cost? This way you can make a rough estimate for yourself.

Where can you apply for this new installment?

You can apply for Mijn VerbouwPremie online via Flemish government website.

You need several documents for the application. Keep the business invoice for delivery as well as provide copies and any contractor certificates. Mijn VerbouwPremie’s online counter guides you through the entire process and tells you exactly what documents you need.

After a maximum of eight months, you will be notified if your premium request has been approved. If the application is denied, you have one month to appeal. You will be paid at Mijn VerbouwPremie no later than one year after the application has been submitted.

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