July 24, 2024

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GGD zhz – Announcement of the fall 2024 round of Corona vaccine for risk groups

GGD zhz – Announcement of the fall 2024 round of Corona vaccine for risk groups

The new round of corona injections will start on September 16, 2024. It will continue until December 6, 2024. The corona injection restores protection to people who are most at risk of serious illness due to corona. This is important. The corona virus is still around and can rebound. The corona injection is performed by GGD.

Who can get the shot this fall?

  • People aged 60 years and over;
  • People aged 18 to 59 who receive an annual invitation to get a flu vaccine;
  • Health care workers who work with vulnerable people;
  • Children and adults in high-risk medical groups (such as people with an immune disorder).

Allocation is possible in individual cases. For example, if people with a vulnerable family member also want to receive the Corona vaccine.

Call for Corona photography
Between August 27 and mid-October, people aged 60 or over will receive a personal invitation letter from the RIVM. People who are not yet 60 but fall into the target group will not receive a letter from the RIVM. They can make an appointment with the GGD via Planjeprik.nl from August 27.

People who cannot come to the vaccination site themselves or with the help of others due to their health can call 0800-7070. The GGD will then check whether it is possible to give the corona injection at home. Residents of healthcare institutions receive the shot at the institution. They receive information about this from the institution.

to prepare
The 25 regional GGDs, the RIVM and the GGD GHOR Netherlands are working closely together to prepare for the implementation of the new autumn round in the best possible way.

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