September 30, 2023

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Ghent kills Europe's hopes of budding Genk and wins European play-offs |  Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

Ghent kills Europe’s hopes of budding Genk and wins European play-offs | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

The KAA Gent has robbed Europe’s last hopes for the KRC Genk. The winner of the cup thanks to the goals of Tisudale and Ojega in Genk (0-2) and won the European qualifiers. Antwerp is also sure about European football.

Genk – Ghent in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: In the 70th minute, Stork did everything in his power to replace the defender (Sadic) with the striker (Paintzel), but after two minutes, Vadis Ogedja decided the match with a 0-2 draw.
  • man of the match: You don’t have to look far with aim and help: Tariq Tisodale has been crucial to Ghent in Genk, just like the entire season.
  • statistics: For the ninth time this season, Tariq Tsodali opened the scoring in a league match, only Deniz Undav is the best in the JPL by ten times.
  • noticeable: This is Genk’s first play-off loss since 12 May 2019, when they lost 3-2 to Club Brugge.

Tissoudali and Odjidja are once again crucial to Ghent

Genk had to win to keep a little hope of a European ticket, but there wasn’t much to see from an attack by the home team in the preliminary stage. On the contrary, it was the visitors who repeatedly caused danger.

Half an hour before the hit: Tissoudali pressed Genk’s defense with some luck and beat Vanvoort with a low shot into the corner: 0-1.

The host team had to look for an equaliser and create danger at times, but Ghent goalkeeper Rove didn’t have to get his gloves dirty. Paul Onwacho, who received the Golden Boot before the match, did not participate in the match.

Even after the break, Ghent remained president. Tsudale had a 0-2 shot at the foot, but was choked up by his final dribble. 20 minutes before the end of the match, Storck threw an extra striker into the fight with Paintsil and moments later the decision was made.

Tissoudali saw and found Odjidja’s offside and made sure Ghent finished the match accurately: 0-2. After that, De Sart was still close to 0-3, but there were no more goals. Thanks to this victory, Ghent is sure of the overall victory in the European qualification. Antwerp will also be satisfied with this result, because then the jumps on the last European ticket are unnecessary and Antwerp is allowed to enter Europe.

Vanhaezebrouck: “He has shown that we are the best team in recent months”

Gent takes 5th place in Genk, consolation prize for losing the Champions Qualifier? “When we win we are always happy,” said Gent coach Hein Vanheisbroek.

“We proved we absolutely had to be better, but a lot played in that. We can’t turn back the clock and I’m glad the group showed that we could be a better team in the last few months.”

“After a difficult January, in which we missed several players, we may have the best score report. In that strange defeat at home to Genk, our only defeat in Belgium, and the match against Cercle Brugge – where everyone knew what happened – after That we win it all.”

The only thing to blame is that we were not efficient enough before the winter holidays.

Heine Vanheisbruck

Has Vanhaezebrouck found an explanation for the difference between the Ghent before and after the winter break? “Next weekend we will play our 60th game of the season.”

“We totally wanted to get to the groups in Europe and before that we played 3 qualifying rounds. After that, we did everything we could to win that group and spend the winter in Europe. We all did that.

“We wanted to go far in the cup: Standard, eliminate Klopp and beat Anderlecht. Then it makes sense to leave some points before the New Year. The only thing we can be blamed for is that we weren’t efficient enough before the winter break.”

“You must also not forget that we got 14 more points this season than last season, which is a huge progress. It was not on our side, but we still tried to make the most of it at all levels. You can just be proud.”

  1. The second half, the 93rd minute, the game is over
  2. András Németh (KRC Genk) blows the whistle by the referee. He went away in Núrio (KAA Gent). The second half, the 91st minute.
  3. Bruno Godeau (KAA Gent) was called up by the referee. He went away in András Németh (KRC Genk). Second half, 90th minute.
  4. The assistant referee flag is raised: Jonas Malled (KAA Gent) was an offside. Second half, 90th minute.
  5. Luca Oyen (KRC Genk) called up by the referee. He went away at Andreas Hansch Olsen (KAA Gent). Second half, 89th minute.
  6. The second half, the 89th minute. Substitution in KAA Gent, Suleiman Marra inside, Tariq Tissoudali exit.
  7. Second half, 89th minute. Substitution in KAA Gent, Yonas Malede inside, and Elisha Owusu.
  8. Mike Tresor takes the corner for KRC Genk. The ball drops in the middle in front of the goal. Second half, 86th minute.
  9. Julian De Sart (KAA Gent) puts his head against the ball, but he can’t frame. Second half, 84th minute.
  10. Sven Kums takes the corner for KAA Gent. The ball drops in the middle in front of the goal. Second half, 84th minute.
  11. Rescue by Davy Roef (KAA Gent), who can fend off the ball while diving. Second half, 83rd minute.
  12. Andras Nemeth (Genk) criticizes with the left… Second half, 83rd minute.
  13. Julian de Sarthe (KAA Gent) blows the whistle from the referee. He just went away at Bryan Heynen (KRC Genk). Second half, 82nd minute.
  14. Mike Tresor (KRC Genk) blows the whistle by the referee. He went away at Tarik Tissoudali (KAA Gent). Second half, 82nd minute.
  15. Second half, 82nd minute. Substitution in KAA Gent, Roman Bezoes inside, and Vadis Odjidja Ofoe.
  16. Second half, 80th minute. Substitution in KRC Genk, Andras Nemeth inside, Paul Onwacho outside
  17. Julien De Sart (KAA Gent) hits the target with his right foot, but his shot goes too far. Second half, 79th minute.
  18. Second half, 78th minute. Substitutions in KAA Gent, Núrio inside, and Alessio Castro-Montes.
  19. Whistle Reference For an error, Josef Paintzel (KRC Genk) made a hand. Second half, 76th minute.
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