November 29, 2023

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Ghostbusters Actor Ernie Hudson Says There's 'Definitely a New Game Coming'

Ghostbusters Actor Ernie Hudson Says There’s ‘Definitely a New Game Coming’

Actor Ernie Hudson, who plays Winston Zidmore on the series Ghostbusters, confirmed that “a new Ghostbusters game is definitely coming.”

through the plate on countdown city youtubekanal Hudson said, “I just got an email because we’re making a new video game. They’re planning to record it now and I’m not sure who’s going to. I know Danny [Dan Aykroyd] I thought I would do that. Do not know if Billy [Bill Murray] cooperate with her. So there is a new video game coming. I don’t know when they will release it, but they are working on it.”

According to the actor, the developer is busy making characters in the game, but it is difficult to develop a character that looks like him. “They sent me prototypes of the character, but it’s hard for them to get my look right,” he said. “I think it’s weird that they manage to make Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis look exactly what they do, but somehow I always look like Eddie Murphy or something.”

Fans have been wanting a new Ghostbusters game for some time, and the franchise’s latest title came out in 2009, when Hudson’s voice and likeness were used for Zeddermore. The game got a modified version in 2019, the latest Ghostbusters video games have appeared in games like Fortnite and Planet Coaster.

In October, co-founder of Illfonic Studio Raphael is honest that his studio is working on a new Ghostbusters game. Not sure if this is the same game Hudson is talking about. Little was said about Illfonic at the time, with the previous studio working on asymmetric multiplayer games like Predator: Hunting Grounds and Friday the 13th, that may be the direction the project is headed.

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