November 27, 2022

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Gipster has been spreading its wings in Europe and the United States

Gipster in America gets first laying hens

The US branch of poultry company Kipster will soon receive its first laying hens. The eggs will be on the shelves of The Kroger Company supermarkets in early December. The official opening of this poultry farm will take place on 11 January 2023.

Kipster started in 2017 in Venre in Limburg. A second location opened in 2020 in Beuningen, Gelderland. Four sheds based on this concept are now being built in association with egg giant MPS Egg Farms in North Manchester, Indiana, USA.

MPS Egg Farms is a Gipster franchise in the United States. The first shed, which can accommodate 24,000 chickens, is now ready. The other three depots are said to be on production in the first half of 2023 Agricultural news abroad.

Eggs and meat

Gipster companies in the Netherlands produce eggs and meat exclusively for the supermarket chain Lidl. Sandra Wijn indicates that this concept is catching on in America as well. He works for the company in the US and oversees the manufacturing philosophy during development in Indiana.

‘Good deals have now been made with The Kroger, America’s largest supermarket chain. Kroger has its own label for sustainable foods: Simple Truth. Gibster eggs will soon be sold under that brand, but our logo will also be on the packaging.

Feedback monitoring

Vijn also reports that MPS Egg Farms, one of America’s largest egg producers, is embracing the Kipster system. ‘It is important to keep monitoring our feedback. MPS Egg Farms has been producing on a regular basis till now. The feed mainly consists of soy and maize. We take leftovers from the food industry to produce climate-neutral eggs. It’s new here and needs extra attention from the staff.’

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If production and sales are successful, Gipster wants to open a second location in the U.S., probably in Texas.