November 29, 2023

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GoFundMe cancels 'fundraising' for Amber Heard to pay compensation

GoFundMe cancels ‘fundraising’ for Amber Heard to pay compensation


Fundraising platform GoFundMe has removed a fake page that claimed to have raised $1 million for actress Amber Heard so she could pay her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

For six weeks, former actor couple Johnny Depp (58) and Amber Heard (36) faced each other in court in Fairfax. They have sued each other for defamation.

The court awarded Heard $2 million because Depp’s lawyer said in a tabloid that Heard had created a “hoax.” On the other hand, the jury generally agreed with Johnny Depp and ruled that Heard eventually had to pay her ex-husband $15 million. It’s about $10 million in damages — the actual damages being compensated — and another $5 million in punitive damages. The latter is a form of additional punishment that can be pronounced by the court. In Virginia, $5 million is automatically determined at $350,000. In all, Heard now has to pay Depp about $10.35 million, which has been converted into €9.69 million.

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But Heard’s lawyer previously indicated that the actress “certainly” could not pay that amount. So Kimberly Moore wanted to raise money for Heard. She created a GoFundMe page and said she is in contact with the actress’s legal team. “I believe Amber and social media are protecting the abuser,” reads the GoFundMe page. “The referee is beyond her net worth. It’s sad that he can get away with the abuse. The referee is promoting that abuse. If you can, please help her.” The goal was to raise a million dollars.

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But GoFundMe decided to remove the page after it emerged that Heard and her team were unaware of the upgrade. In response, GoFundMe said the page was taken offline before any major deposit was made for the promotion.

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