July 19, 2024

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Gold and bronze!  Nafi Thiam is once again crowned European heptathlon champion, and Norwegian Vedts also climbed to the podium.

Gold and bronze! Nafi Thiam is once again crowned European heptathlon champion, and Norwegian Vedts also climbed to the podium.

Navi Thiam and Noor Vedets are ready for the Olympics! At the European Athletics Championships in Rome, they won gold and bronze respectively in the heptathlon. Thiam seized power early and easily maintained his place over the final 800 metres. Nour Vedets set 3 personal records and painted the podium black, yellow and red.

European Athletics Championships question for the Belgians: How will Nafie Thiam perform in Rome?

After a mediocre performance in the 100m hurdles, the multiple European, World and Olympic champion appeared to still have some rust on her body upon her return. But after the high jump, where she cleared 1.95 metres, she took power in the heptathlon.

She extended that lead in the shot put, where she recorded the second-largest distance. After finishing in the 10th fastest time in the 200 metres, Thiam finished the first day as leader.

In the long jump, the fifth event, Thiam simply continued her momentum. With a distance of 6.59 metres, she achieved the second-best jump, with only Switzerland’s Annick Kalin better with a championship record of 6.84 metres.

Meanwhile, Frenchwoman Oriana Lazraq-Khalas surprised everyone. After four personal records on the first day, she also achieved her best ever performances in the long jump and 800m final. Silver will eventually earn her.

Meanwhile, Norwegian Vedets has already set three personal records in the steeplechase, shot put and javelin events. She bragged about her third-place finish, which she achieved with gusto by winning the 800m final. For Vedets, a two-time world indoor pentathlon champion, this is her first medal at an outdoor championship.

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Thiam finished fourth in the 800 meters and confirmed her third European heptathlon title with a championship record of 6,848 points. No one did that to her. “A historic achievement,” commentary duo David Naert and Elaine Berings call it.

And whether our Belgian athletes are ready for Paris.


Nafi Thiam in Al-Sabai
the hour discipline a result points
Day 1
9:40 am 100m hurdles 13″74 1,015 points (16th place)
11:35 am High jump 1.95 metres 1,171 points (first)
6:40 pm Fire mode 15.06 metres 865 points (2nd)
9:45 pm 200 m 24″81 904 points (10th)
Day 2
12:10 pm Long jump 6.59 metres 1,036 points (2nd)
6.05pm/7.20pm javelin 53.00 meters 918 points (first)
9:47 pm 800 metres 2’11″79 939 points (third)
Total: 6,848 points (first)

Nour Vedets in the heptathlon
the hour discipline a result points
Day 1
9:40 am 100m hurdles 13″16 1,100 points (2nd)
11:35 am High jump 6 feet 978 points (sixth place)
6:40 pm Fire mode 14.79 metres 847 points (third)
9:45 pm 200 m 23″85 995 points (10th)
Day 2
12:10 pm Long jump 6.46 metres 994 points (4th)
6.05pm/7.20pm javelin 42.12 metres 708 points (12th)
9:47 pm 800 metres 2’09″35 974 points (first)
Total: 6,596 points (third)


European Athletics Championships: Heptathlon (Day 2)

The final result in the heptathlon

800 meter race results

Vedets wins the 800 meters final: gold and bronze for Belgium!

Thiam finished fourth with a personal record of 2’11’79 and is European Heptathlon Champion for the third time. It remains to be seen whether Vedets will take the silver or bronze.

Veidt wins!

Vedets wins the 800m final! Finished at 2’09″35.

Blue-Salvation is already somewhat underdeveloped. Is silver enough for vidts?

Vedets takes over.

Gerevini is the first to enter the final round. Vedets and Thiam are following in her footsteps.

Vidts immediately settles into second place. Thiam follows Vidts in third place. Gerviny is in the lead.

Vedets must maintain his 5.2-second lead over Lazraq-Khalas to take the silver medal from the Frenchwoman.

The conclusion is in the heptagon

Heptathletes enter the track for the final 800 metres. Will Thiam win her third European title and will it be silver or bronze for Vedets? The tension is palpable.

Delay due to the semi-finals in the 100 meters

The tension is rising, and the heptagon’s finale is approaching. The program was delayed slightly due to a false start in the 100 meters semi-final.

Ranking after 6 parts

Javelin throw results

42.07 metres, this is the result of Vedets’ last throw