October 3, 2023

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Good music, relaxed atmosphere and lots of lovely people: this was the first day of the CORE festival

Good music, relaxed atmosphere and lots of lovely people: this was the first day of the CORE festival

Updated: 05-27-2023 – 23:55

Angèle, Pusha T, Pink Pantheress, Charlotte Adigéry, Bolis Pupul, The Blessed Madonna… These are just a few of the frontrunners who graced one of Saturday’s six CORE stages. In addition, there were also many musical discoveries to be found. BRUZZ roamed the festival grounds with you, looking for gems to pick up.

Tomorrow we will be there live again on BRUZZ Radio from 4pm-8pm.

Review: NxWorries (Anderson. Paak x Knxwledge)

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© Kato Belgarz (ProZ)

| Nx Worries (Anderson. Paak x Knxwledge)

“Freak show. Interesting. Also cool. But never surprising.” On Saturday, Anderson Buck was the only global star on CORE. As one half of the NxWorries duo, he certainly didn’t serve the kind of pop audience he’d expect. Read our full review here.

20230527_CORE_DAG_1_DSC00040_ (c)_Cato Beljaars (BRUZZ)

© Kato Belgarz (ProZ)

| PinkPantheress

For the good listener: We love PinkPantheress. But she at CORE made it hard for us to keep loving her. Read our review here.

The food at CORE is clearly appreciated

Good music and great art installations, but also good food can’t be missed at the CORE festival. There are many food stalls, but the traditional French fries remain a favourite. Maya already did one Taste test.

Review: Pusha T.

American rap veteran Pusha T showed how you can do it again, packing a festival with raw hip-hop. grandiose. Read the full review of Sascha van der Speten’s music mogul here.

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| Busha T

Angèle’s super fans are already waiting at the Ardopodium for her performance at a later date

Review: Domi and J.D. Beck, Masego and Yosef Days

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© Kato Belgarz (ProZ)

The essence of the dance festival? not exactly. Jazz also got its place there, albeit as a mind-broadening alternative. Our music man Sacha van der Speten reviews Domi & JD Beck, Masego and Yussef Dayes’ performances: Jazz on CORE: dessert for hard-educated Brussels residents.

KID$LANG looks on at the DJ set on the Domo stage

In addition to Femifè and Leeberation, DJ KID $LANG has also played on the Domo stage. He was a little nervous because he didn’t know in advance what the weather would be like. But with a few adjustments to his collection, he could still look back with satisfaction on the past two hours. Now he’ll star in shows from Pusha T and the Pink Pantheress, among others.

Art installations are also popular with visitors

At CORE it is not only about music, but also art installations. This visitor to Maya shows how this installation works. She’s already partying well, because this week is her bachelorette party before she’s getting married in three weeks: “Tonight is Evening wet pants. “

Maya looks at the Duomo where our BRUZZ DJs are playing

Today our DJ BRUZZ is playing on the Domopodium. Maya is going to check with the party-goers if those dancing legs have already warmed up in the meantime. The ambiance here seems to be a 9 out of 10 and I will definitely be back next year.

BRUZZ ICE DJ Leeberation will be playing at Domostage from 6 p.m

Govert and Patrick are coming to CORE for the second year in a row

Maya inhales the atmosphere in the festival grounds for us. There she bumped into Govert and Patrick who would come to CORE for the second year in a row. The two came from Antwerp and East Flanders to enjoy the artists at Ossegempark: “Last year we came for the first time and we thought it was great. This is an important event full of fun, music, love and variety.”

Singer Rory opened at the Urdu Main Stage

For singer Rory, her performance on the main stage of CORE was the grand opening to a busy festival season. “In the beginning, it’s always hard because while you’re producing your music, you sometimes forget how busy a summer full of shows can be. But in the end I love it, and that’s not really a job for me.”

Review: Mavee, RORI, and Ravyn Lenae

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© Kato Belgarz (ProZ)

| Crow Linai

According to our music connoisseur Sascha van der Speten, the festival started smoothly thanks to three imaginary female singers. It was a proper radioactive weather soundtrack. Read his review of Mavee, RORI, and Ravyn Lenae here: Promising Pop Nymphs Take Off CORE: “Sensual Melting in the Sun”

BRUZZ ICE DJ Femifè opened on the Domo stage

The Brussels DJ Femifè often plays during our evening show at BRUZZ ICE. The Duomo opened at 12 noon with two hours. For the rest of the day, she’s already put together the list of artists she still wants to see in action. According to Fmifè, Pink Pantheress and Nx Worries, among others, should not be missing.