September 28, 2022

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Google announces prototype testing of new augmented reality glasses – image and sound – news

Google announces that it is working on augmented reality glasses. The tech giant will soon test the first prototypes on a small scale in a public place. Google wants to use the prototype to investigate how augmented reality can help consumers in everyday life.

in Blog post Google has announced that starting next month, the first testing with a prototype of the augmented reality glasses will take place outside the test lab. Among other things, the company wants to investigate the possibilities of augmented reality navigation. Prototypes are equipped with cameras and microphones to collect information.

Google confirms that camera and microphone functionality will be limited. It is not intended to take pictures or videos with augmented reality glasses. The images collected by the glasses are used for other functions. For example, Google mentions the list translation in front of which the prototype holder is.

Google previously released augmented reality glasses under the name Google Glass. Augmented reality glasses are no longer sold to consumers. Google still offers new versions of Google Glass, but this so-called Google Glass Enterprise Edition will be Sold only to businesses. Support for consumer version of glasses now Stop.

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