December 6, 2022

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Google celebrates Toots Thielemans' 100th birthday on the homepage

Google celebrates Toots Thielemans’ 100th birthday on the homepage

Anyone browsing Google will find a doodle with the image of Toots Thielemans at the top of the page on Friday, April 29th. The Belgian harmonica player will celebrate his 100th birthday today. Doodles can also be seen in the United States.

Huguette Thielemans, the widow of Toots Thielemans, is getting search engine attention. “I think it is a great honor for my husband Tots to have my full attention on his 100th birthday,” she said. Belgium

“It is also great that his doodles are seen in so many countries, showing that his character, music and legacy are still loved, known and appreciated internationally. This makes me very happy!”

Today’s doodles can be seen on Google Home in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Brazil, and the United States. Behind the drawing goes team of painters hide.

Image: google

Celebrate the music

The famous Belgian jazz musician’s birthday is widely celebrated. “Tots 100”, A Exhibition in our capital A talented harmonica, he paints a portrait of the most famous Belgian in jazz history with hundreds of photos, documents, scribbles, musical instruments and of course many audio parts.

Many concerts are held here. On April 29, the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, the Dutch Metropole Orchestra and Tillmans Musical Friends will take a trip through his work in Bozar.

The festive weekend will continue on Saturday 30th April with harmonies and bands playing arrangements of tots songs spread throughout Brussels. A number of commemorative concerts are also planned, such as Koekelberg and Kortrijk. Concerts are also held in the summer to commemorate the Tots. More information on this can be found here

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