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Google Chrome is hard to do without this Microsoft Edge feature

Google Chrome is hard to do without this Microsoft Edge feature

Microsoft Edge has functionality that Google Chrome does not yet have. Shame, because it’s the perfect job for me. The concept sounds very accessible, but the effect is magical. Google hasn’t implemented it yet, but I’m keeping my spirits up. Time to tell you more.

When you use apps on computers, smartphones, or tablets in split screen, you will soon run into all kinds of mischief. Some apps don’t work well with it, while in others you can’t have two of the same apps open side by side. Consider, for example, browsers; Unless you have two different options.

Google Chrome does not have the Microsoft Edge feature

More than once we’ve ended up in a situation where we just want to put two web pages side by side in a split screen. This is somewhat easier on computers, but not possible on smartphones with a single app. Solution: Add split screen mode to one browser tab, this way you can still view two pages.

Google Chrome Microsoft Edge
Split screen mode for tabs in Microsoft Edge (Image: Windows Central)

And that’s exactly what Microsoft realized for Microsoft Edge browser. While this is good news, we shouldn’t totally pretend this is revolutionary. Because other browsers already support this option Archfrom The Browser Company already does this, but only for people who are part of the beta version.

But Microsoft Edge does

And this browser also allows you to organize everything the way you want it, with a number of useful options. Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are not far behind yet; With Edge, you can simply have two tabs together. By the way, this only applies to the Canary beta, where the option is as Flag.

media They are experimental features that you can turn on and off within browsers running the Chromium engine. Edge and Google Chrome both use it. That’s why we think it’s only a matter of time before Google rolls out a similar feature of its own Internet browser.

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